What is the best customer support tool for an enterprise?

To get a new firm off the ground these days, you’ll need more than a fantastic idea, some cash. From the beginning, excellent customer service must be ingrained in your company’s DNA. Your customer service can lead to increased marketing and sales opportunities. As a result, ensuring your customers’ contentment is critical to your company’s continued success. Mediacom customer service has set an example for all the enterprises out there for excellent customer services, from live chats to Mediacom communities; they have it all for their users. 

The companies must be sure to spend on the right customer support channels and tools to get the best outcome. Let’s discuss the best channels for users.

  1. Phone: Most commonly businesses consider telephone support to be a conventional support option. Apart from the face-to-face engagement, the telephone helps in adding the greatest personal element to the support experience because customers and agents have a normal conversation, allowing the agent to read the customer’s emotions and reducing miscommunications. The lesser tech-savage individuals prefer to call a corporate person instead of connecting via a customer portal or navigating the website online. To optimize the client experience, the agents must be trained to always maintain a cheerful tone when dealing with customers over the phone.
  2. Email: Although phone support and live chats allow customers to communicate with agents instantaneously, email support is a more delayed mode of communication. It does result in a lengthier wait time before issues are often resolved. However, because of its nearly ubiquitous reach, many companies consider it a must-have in their support offerings. Email assistance may also be considered as a better fit for busy customers who don’t have time for a possibly lengthy conversation with a support representative and prefer to check their emails whenever it’s easy for them.
  3. Live Chats: In recent years, live chat help has become considerably more frequent on company websites. It is gaining popularity and has also become a very appealing support alternative in the thoughts of consumers. Many of the advantages that clients enjoy while using the live chat support are related to the speed with which they can receive assistance and their ability to multitask while doing so. Live chats can include image uploads to improve the customer experience. For instance, sharing the screenshots can also assist the agents to figure out and solve a problem, making communication much easier.

Tools for Live chat

Your support employees will be in the best possible position to provide a spot-on experience, all thanks to customer service software. Staying organized, obtaining information to answer queries, and following up on commitments will be easier for agents. Customers benefit from faster response times, automated responses to frequently asked queries, and fewer dropped calls. Some most commonly used live chat software are: 

  • Groove
  • LiveAgent
  • HubSpot
  • Fresh Desk
  • Zoho Desk
  • Self-Service Channels: While the earlier support options all relied on a traditional model of an agent assisting a customer, businesses are now realizing that many of their customers enjoy self-service resources. The users are now shifting towards self-service channels. These include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), customer community forums, and even automated support tools. 

The customers prefer to have the satisfaction of resolving their problems without any assistance and also consumers will profit from tools like knowledge bases since they will not only assist them to solve a given problem, but they will also gain additional insight and information on a topic that will be useful to them in the future.

  • Video-Assisted: Video-assisted support is a rising, revolutionary technology that allows agents to tap a live video feed from a customer’s device camera to provide them with remote yet instant support. It is easily the most cutting-edge support channel on this list. Consumers will like this technology because showing an agent a problem is far simple than having to express the same issue through a live chat or over the telephone line.
  • Social Media: Companies do not always think about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter first when deciding where to provide customer service. However, it is still an important medium, as it is where many of your clients are most likely to be found. It may be good to set up separate accounts for support inquiries solely, depending on the size of your company and client base. This eliminates the need for traditional social media administrators who lack technical support abilities to respond to inquiries they are ill-equipped to handle.


Having quality customer service is as important as having a quality product and it must not be compromised. These aforementioned channels and tools must be used for providing excellent customer support. However, all these tools might not be useful if your customer support representatives are not trained properly. Your customer must know that they are valued at your end and it will ensure their loyalty to your company.

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