What is the scope after choosing Operations Management in MBA?

Operations Management

Operations management is a field of management concerned with planning, designing, controlling, organizing, and supervising business operations in terms of production, manufacturing, redesigning of products and services. An MBA in Operations management is a two-year full-time postgraduate program that prepares you to handle different aspects of a business, including planning, manufacturing, and production. The course prepares you on subjects such as Service Operations and Total Quality Management. 

Besides this, the eight-semester program emphasizes developing critical thinking, analytical skills, and decision-making skills in specialized areas through case studies, workshops, and projects. The program is consistently gaining popularity with the growth of the e-commerce industry.

Let’s take an example from our daily lives to help you understand it better. Suppose an enterprise is into furniture making. Then, operations management involves purchasing woods and fabrics, onboarding skilled laborers, training laborers, deciding the location and layout of the factory where types of furniture will be made, and purchasing cutting tools and other equipment required for fabrication. If the operations management team makes good decisions, it can produce affordable, attractive, comfortable furniture that will attract more customers and retain old ones, generating more profits for the firm.

In essence, MBA in operations management ensures the efficiency of business operations in terms of resource utilization and effectively meeting customer requirements to maximize the revenue generation of an organization. Now, the blog will walk you through the career prospects after choosing an MBA in operations management.

Career prospects after MBA in operations management

After graduation with, MBA in operations management students can see themselves in the following roles:

  • Operations Manager

An operations Manager is also known as Chief Operating Officer or COO. Operation Managers are a key part of the management team, who oversee high-level HR responsibilities, including attracting skilled professionals, setting training standards, and hiring procedures. According to PayScale, an operations Manager makes INR 7,66,601 per year in India.

  • Brand Manager

A Brand Manager works towards maintaining the integrity of the brand across all marketing initiatives and communications of the company. They also adopt a brand strategy for the target market of the company and manage the product portfolio. According to Glassdoor, the average national salary of a Brand Manager in India is INR 13,73,019 per year.

  • Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager promotes a business, product, or service. These professionals plan and oversee various activities, such as launches, advertising, campaigning, events, and social media. According to PayScale, a Marketing Manager makes INR 6,75,787 per year in India.

  • Risk Manager

A Risk Manager is responsible for advising organizations on any potential risks to the profitability, safety, and security of an enterprise. They also manage risks to the company, its employees, customers, and stakeholders. According to Glassdoor, the average national salary of a Risk Manager in India is INR 7,98,564 per year.

  • Purchasing Manager

A Purchasing Manager is responsible for procuring goods or services for resale and use of the organization. These professionals seek the best available quality in the market for the lowest price. The Glassdoor report shows that a Purchasing Manager makes INR 10,26,121 per year in India.

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