What kind of Components PC Power Up Suggest for Gamer PC

Many gamers dream of a powerful PC to plow the game, especially during this epidemic season. Just play games at home. But not every gamer understands about computers. Therefore, it will lead to buying a machine that is not using its full capacity or worse, wasting money without having the desired configuration to play most games. In this article, PC Power Up will guide you through the basic knowledge when choosing to buy the right computer.

Monitor (Display Screen):-

With long-term experience when Building PC Gaming, we recommends that if you have a Full-HD screen available or you decide to only play games at Full-HD, you should build a configuration powerful enough to handle any games at this resolution. The screen selection will be the main factor to help build the PC configuration. By building a computer configuration based on resolution, you will be able to comfortably fight more games without caring about the configuration that the games require. Just use a GTX 1650 or RX570 card to play basic Full-HD games well, and with more advanced equipment, playing even more terrible games at this resolution is too easy.

As for 2K games, choose RTX 2060 Super or RTX 2070, 4K choose RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2080 / Super. Of course there will be many terrible games that the graphics card can’t bear, but the above lists can. Fight most games at the above resolution.

How Much Power Supply Is Enough?

Depending on the configuration you build, the higher the configuration, the more powerful the computer power supply is required. For example, if you build a configuration of i3 10100 and GTX 1650, you can use 450W power, but if you go to terrible cards like RTX 2070, it requires power to 650W or higher.

Computer Case:-

Computer case is something when building a computer; almost not everyone is interested in them. However, the case greatly affects your experience and daily use such as: The finish quality of the shell, is the paint beautiful or not, is it seamless, is it easy to peel off. A good visual experience is also a factor that creates excitement when entertaining users. Therefore, it would be necessary that you choose accordingly.

The sturdiness of the case is the shell material sturdy enough, is the chassis sturdy. This is important because if the case is too light or the frame is too weak, when operating the case, it will be easy to be swayed by the CPU fan, VGA fan and case fan, making very annoying noises during operation.

Hardware Upgrade: RAM, SSD

If you want your PC to be able to fight “deliciously” the hottest online games today, the RAM and SSD need to be powerful enough to be able to handle it in the best way. If your current amount of RAM is not enough for the game, you should upgrade the RAM (best to 16GB), besides upgrading the SSD will also help optimize the gaming computer, making the performance better. Your game play gets higher.

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