What You Should Know About Pigeon- SEO on Google?

Google’s search engine algorithm undergoes 1-3 major changes per year, with several small alterations in between. Local SEO Company New York has to keep itself abreast with these changes in order to offer the best services to its clients.

In the summer of 2014, Google released a new upgrade called Pigeon in the United States, which was the first major adjustment aimed solely at local search results.

Pigeon is a Google upgrade that affects local searches and searches where location is crucial. Traditional SEO parameters are used to rank local results, unlike before Pigeon’s introduction. As a result, local businesses must devote more time and resources to their SEO strategy, both on their own site and on other websites, particularly business directory sites.

The new algorithm aims to improve local search results by presenting more relevant, accurate, and valuable local information. So let’s have a look at what’s altered and how it affects your search results.

Intertwined Results from Web Search and Maps:

There have always been inconsistencies between the search results returned by Google Maps and those returned by a typical Google search. The two searches revealed separate results, indicating that there was no relationship between them. That was altered by Pigeon. The program looks for results in both areas and shows them. The goal is to create a sense of unity to make finding locations easier, and it’s working.

Better Results in Local Directories:

For years, local directories have struggled to rank highly in Google searches. At the expense of local directories, Google had pushed its own pages to the top of the rankings. When the phrase “Yelp” was included in the search query, Yelp’s pages were ranked lower than Google’s pages.

The implementation of the new method altered the situation and appears to have resolved it. This means that local searches should yield better results, and local directories, such as a chamber of commerce company directory, should appear higher in search results.

The official and common names have been combined:

A neighborhood may have numerous names, including the legal subdivision and a historical or vernacular term. These names were most likely found by Google Maps, but not necessarily through Google online search.

Prior to the publication of Pigeon, searching for traditional names and common names like “Uptown” yielded different results. The two searches are more cohesive, and the results are better.

Because of the similarity of the two searches and the better location results, searching any of the several names for a neighborhood will get the same or comparable search results. It’s an improvement in that Google now detects numerous names for a particular location more intuitively and integrates the results of each into a single, more relevant search result.

In the new search, distance affects:

The Pigeon Update technique is designed to deliver local results by combining position and distance. Even when the keyword is for a specific location, the distance factor can affect the results displayed. Search is geo-targeted and location-specific. This is the new generation of local SEO.

Local Businesses Get Higher Rankings:

Local companies have long struggled in search results when competing with online beasts. With the launch of Pigeon, there has been some improvement and positive change. The rank of online giants without a physical presence in the towns for which they had optimized their sites was lowered in search results.

Local businesses, which have local business addresses, move about a lot. Local firms that had optimized their websites or social media sites to display the particular location of their operation benefited from this. Moving ahead, this will be an element of local SEO strategy.

So, how can a local firm take advantage of these new developments? Keep the basics in mind, such as routinely adding new material to your site that includes important phrases like your company name and product, and ensuring you have a strong contact page that includes your company name and address in text. Additionally, hiring an independent SEO specialist can be beneficial in keeping your site updated and altered to focus on maximizing the current updates.

Final Thoughts

The significance of Google’s local SEO upgrade is that it aims to assist local small businesses in being relevant and visible in the competitive world of online search results. So, if you also want to improve or maintain your rankings among search engine results, hire an SEO Consultant that knows about the latest developments. Using dated practices that have become obsolete will not prove to be beneficial for you. So, the agency or consultant you have hired must be knowledgeable, updated and reliable. Otherwise, it’s nothing but a waste of resources if you are hiring them.

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