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MA courses are one of the most popular courses in India. Students of the humanities stream often go with master programs after completing their graduation. After graduation, pursuing MA courses can be the best option for students who want to get a higher education degree from any noted college or university.

MA courses are available in various domains and that’s why it becomes hard to find the best-suited course for students. In India, there are countless colleges and universities offering MA courses in multiple subjects like Hindi, English, History, Economics, Political Science, Social Work, Education, Sociology, Psychology and so on. Among all noted Indian universities, Mansarovar Global University is best known for its MA programs among candidates. Quality of education highly matters in order to get the best job in future and MGU or Mansarovar Global University is best in providing quality education to all its students.

In this article, we have made a list of MA courses that will surely be proven best for you. So without further ado, let’s start our discussion over the best Master of Arts courses.

MA Courses

Due to the nature of the courses, Master of Arts degrees have a wide range of specialisations. From languages and literature to fine arts and even music, the options are endless. Some of the most popular choices along with a short description of what to expect in these courses are as below.

English: The two-year long programme is an extension of the undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts in English. At this level, students are taught more advanced topics in poetry, prose, drama and more. Students can even choose electives for the MA English degree. Most syllabuses for this subject also cover how to do research and how to develop better writing skills. This is one of the most popular degrees offered at MA colleges in Bhopal and across India. MA English degree holders can apply to more at higher salary points.

History: The world is thousands of years old and is not just limited to national history. Internationally too, history is vast and there is much to be learned. This is exactly what is taught in the MA History degree. The range of topics covered in History is wide for instance, the history of politics, economics, society, events etc. This advanced degree is essential to learn from the past mistakes of our ancestors while also finding ways of preserving them for future generations. Most colleges that offer history as a concentration have merit-based admissions where the applicant’s aggregate score is considered only.

Political Science: Among all humanities and social sciences courses, a Political Science degree offers a career in politics. It is a course that dives into the basics of how the national and international Government works. The structure of the Government and its parts, public relations and campaigns are also taught in detail in the course. Political Science students can work in different capacities of Government and political parties. Some also find work as writers, correspondents and activists. Some of the top universities in the country offer entrance test-based admissions. However, even for merit-based admissions, one must have at least a 50% score.

Economics: MA economics colleges in Bhopal and India witness a lot of applicants every year in their courses. For good reason too, Economics students can work in a lot of capacities in both the private and public sectors. Economics is, in simple terms, the study of numbers. What and how the numbers of the economy are and how to calculate them for future predictions and study is covered in Economics. This field involves a lot of study of Statistics and Mathematics. Depending on the degree, economics graduates will start by working in data analytics or research and development.

International Studies: One of the more unique Masters of Arts degrees is in International Studies. This degree prepares students to work in the public sector. In particular, International Studies students work in Government service in many departments. From politics, security, economics, law, human rights, global health and more. These studies can be further broken down by different regions or counties. Jobs with an International Studies degree are, undoubtedly, in the international sector with organisations that have branches across the globe.

Languages: Linguistics or languages is a popular specialisation in India with options ranging from Indian languages to international languages. Colleges generally offer Indian languages like Arabic, Sanskrit, Marathi, Urdu, Persian, Kannada etc. Foreign languages like German, Russian, and Korean are available for both full-time and short-term degrees. Linguists can work as writers or as translators. This is quite a versatile choice among other MA degrees. While working in a regular job, the linguist can also teach or tutor on the side for extra money.

Geography: Geography is more than just studying the borders of our country. It helps us understand our environment, cultures, landscapes etc. Geography students also learn about the history of the land while also coming up with plans to solve environmental issues. This is a multiple-purpose degree that connects us closer to our planet. Work done by Geographists helps the Government make critical decisions of political nature or otherwise. For this course, admissions take place on a merit basis of the previous qualifying examination. Jobs for Geographists are generally in research and development.

Psychology: When was the last time we were left wondering why did our friend or sibling say something, how they behaved or made us feel? Besides the external world, we also have questions about ourselves that need answering. Psychology is the answer to all of that. This study shows how the human brain works, the thought processes, what motivates people and what interaction is like between people. Psychologists help their patients make sense of their emotions while guiding them to the best decision. MA psychology colleges in Bhopal offer both the graduate and postgraduate versions of the degree.

Music: A master of Arts degree offers specialisations that involve both theory and practical classes. Careers in these fields are not like traditional jobs. Moreover, the skills required to take admission to this field involve prior knowledge of the specialisation. Music is one such field where students pick an instrument to learn. The admissions round involves testing the candidate in the chosen instrument. Classes in music involve both theory and practicality. This course requires time and patience to master their craft and a great deal of creativity.

Fine Arts: Fine Arts is a discipline of Humanities that is about different visual arts. For instance, an MA degree in Fine Arts offers specialisations in pottery, sculpture, ceramics, photography etc. Like with music, Fine Arts students also have previous education or experience in Fine Arts They opt for a MA degree in a chosen sub-specialisation to advance their skills and knowledge base. From the department of humanities and social sciences, the jobs for Fine Arts graduates vary greatly. Admissions also involve a round of testing of the candidate in their chosen subject


Students usually choose their undergraduate specialisation for their postgraduate degrees. However, there is always the choice to make a switch to another specialisation that aligns more with career aspirations. Luckily there is no dearth of choices for a MA degree. From music and fine arts to international studies and psychology, students can choose one that strikes their interest.

To give a new perspective to your career after graduation, you should do a Master’s course from the most notable college or university. Mansarovar Global University should be on your priority list because it is the best university in Bhopal that offers tons of courses in all domains including arts and humanities studies.

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