Why Is Everyone Talking About Cloud?

On the surface, it sounds mundane. A cloud is simply a “concept” that allows internet users to access files and apps they have stored on remote servers rather than their own machines. But in reality, the pros of having all your data in one place far outweigh any potential cons. First, most importantly, cloud providers offer significantly more storage space for less money than traditional software. Plus, since most people don’t have unlimited storage capacity on their computers or smart devices anymore anyway, cloud services are also often free! Drop box is one famous example- you get 2 GB of storage just for signing up. As if that weren’t enough reason to switch over entirely, you can run programs directly from the cloud as well, cutting out the hassle of having to download all of your data each time you switch devices. 

Here are reasons Why Is Everyone Talking About Cloud?

  • Cloud services are even starting to make “traditional” computers obsolete- with wireless smart watches, tablets, smartphones and other personal computing devices becoming all the rage in recent years, more people than ever are finding themselves looking for storage space they can access on the go via apps like iCloud or Google Drive. This means that not only is it more profitable for cloud providers than traditional software (since their users don’t have to pay for extra capacity), but there’s also a larger market since most average consumers own at least one smart device these days. Case in point- it is projected that cloud traffic alone will reach 667 exabytes annually by 2019, up from 94 exabytes last year. That means the cloud is growing faster than traditional web traffic. 
  • Cloud service providers are therefore rapidly expanding, and they’re doing it by offering better security features than most companies can even dream of. What’s more, since most consumer information has moved online in recent years, many large scale data thefts could be averted with cloud services simply because users would not have to put their credit card numbers or social security numbers on the internet for hackers to steal. Just about anything you need in your day-to-day life can be accessed via at least one cloud service- email accounts (Gmail), phone devices (iPhone devices), word processing programs (Microsoft Office 365)… even streaming music (Google Play Music). But there is one drawback- cloud services are simply not designed for collaboration. So while you can share files with other users, owners of traditional software often come together to work on projects in person or over the internet, communicating using built-in chat functions. Cloud service providers offer no such function. Without it, cloud users don’t have the ability to meet up and create their own music tracks, book manuscripts or school papers together online without sending each file back and forth via email (which is very inefficient.)
  • There’s no question that this drawback has significantly reduced the growth rate of cloud adoption across all demographics- whether it’s by small business owners who need effective communication between employees working remotely or children looking for a way to collaborate on homework assignments with classmates. This is why we founded Fire pad.
  • For the first time ever, Fire pad allows users to create real-time collaborative documents on ANY cloud service- whether it’s Google Drive or Drop box. Simply choose the app, click the “New” button and you’ll be presented with a blank document that will automatically save all of your changes as you type. You can now work together with anyone, regardless of which platform they are using to access their files!
  • Fire pad is fully compatible with over 30 different file types including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, LaTeX files for mathematicians and scientists, Markdown formatted text for bloggers… even common image formats like JPEGs or PNGs are supported. This means you can run programs directly from the cloud without having to download them first. If you plan on using Fire pad for school or work, just import your files directly into the Google Drive app to begin!
  • Fire pad is currently available as a beta release for free- simply search “Fire pad” in the Google Play Store and you’ll be presented with the download page, click install and the app will automatically start downloading. Once it’s finished, just go through the initial setup process (it takes less than 5 minutes) and then try creating your first document together. You can thank us later =)


We can say with confidence that we’ve made real progress in opening up the world of cloud technology to everyone. No longer do users need to email files back and forth or download programs onto their personal computers just to work together on projects- now, any two (or more) people who use web services like Google Drive or Drop box can meet online within seconds and get right down to business. Our goal is complete transparency between all types of cloud service users- whether they’re employees collaborating at a large company, students working together on a project or small business owners looking to share files. 

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