Why is Noise Cancelling Earbuds Good?


Noise Cancelling Earbuds cancel out any incoming sounds and allow you to focus more on the task. They essentially produce another sound using active sound reduction technology coming toward you. They are an accessory used by all kinds of people in everyday life; from a parent who needs alone time away from the kids, or a pilot flying a plane, they can make every job you do easier.So, what technology do noise cancelling earbuds use to make them stand out from the rest of their class and be loved by people?


The Science Behind Noise Cancellation

The active sound reduction technology detects the frequency of the incoming soundwave that needs to be canceled out and produces an equivalent soundwave but at a 180-degree phase difference. It means when one wave is at its highest peak, the other is at its lowest and effectively cancels each other. This quality of noise canceling earbuds makes them so unique.

Because of this unique technology, noise cancelling earbuds have more features; let’s list some.

  • Protects your hearing

As opposed to regular earbuds, noise canceling earbuds do not require you to adjust the volume consistently due to your surroundings. The volume of regular earbuds in a quiet room needs to be lowered, while in a louder, noisier environment, the volume needs to be raised. This raising of the volume can cause damage to your listening ability. However, you don’t need to adjust noise canceling earbuds because all the sounds are blocked, and you have no outside voices interfering. So, your listening ability does not get affected at all.

  • No Audio Masking

One of the many advantages of noise-canceling earbuds is they do not mask any audio. Therefore, you can hear each note. On the other hand, with regular earbuds, some of the sounds are filtered out due to externally interfering sounds like car engines, traffic, or people talking. So, switch to noise canceling earbuds to hear the cleanest music you will ever hear.

  • Improve Concentration

If you have an exam to study for or are working on something that requires your utmost concentration, noise cancelling headphones are the ultimate companion for you. The ability to reduce external voices helps you to focus better on the tasks on hand by reducing distractions. It also increases productivity and yield sufficient results by producing white noise to help you focus better.

  • Perfect for long journeys

If you are traveling for long hours, noise cancelling earbuds become an automatic necessity for your trip. Sometimes the outside sounds of a moving vehicle can be overwhelming, especially in an airplane or a train. In this scenario, having earbuds can be very relaxing, and you can conveniently wear them if you need to sleep, read, or do any light activity.

  • Make Phone calls easier

If you are in a noisy area and want to make an urgent phone call, noise-canceling earbuds are the perfect solution to your problem. This noise cancellation technology offers a clear and uninterrupted conversation with the other person. It would be easier to listen to the person because it blocks all the surrounding noises. They will also be able to hear you perfectly as the microphone would not be able to pick up any distant sounds but yours, hence ensuring smooth conservation.


Owning noise-canceling earbuds can make your life so much easier, as they help you focus better, consequently improving productivity. They also help you relax in a tense environment by blocking all distracting voices and playing white noise. Moreover, they make it easier to converse in a loud environment, making it feasible to attend important calls in public. Therefore, you should stop using regular earbuds and switch to noise cancelling earbuds as soon as possible.


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