Why You Need Abortion Pills

Why You Need Abortion Pills

Abortion is nothing but a medical condition which restricts a female not being pregnant anymore.Avoiding being pregnant is termed as “abortion

It is a normal process which is experienced by nearly every female when developing or giving rise to a new generation. Using pills is the safest method to avoid unwanted pregnancy in medical history.

Reasons To Avoid Unwanted pregnancy

There can be various reasons to avoid pregnancy which are unlikely related to personal problems. 

They are:Why You Need Abortion Pills

  1. No intention of pregnancy.
  2. Risk of death during pregnancy.
  3. Risk of fetus being damaged during pregnancy.
  4. Pregnancy related issues.

When Abortion Pill Is To Be Used

Use of abortion pills is the safest way to avoid pregnancy. Abortion pill is to be used within 48 hours. However overuse of pills create varied forms of difficulty owing to various problems both mental and physical form.

Consumption of abortion pills generally comprises two drugs namely, mifepristone and misoprostol. Within the occurence of pregnancy to 10 weeks of pregnancy is stipulated period when abortion pill is to be used.

Where Can We Get Mifepristone And Misoprostol

One can have easy access to these two drugs, at every local chemist but that is given only on doctor’s prescription. But these drugs are used under strict guidance of doctors and nurses.

Medical abortion is the abortion which is the safest and safest method which involves only use of medication and does not use any surgery.

Surgery is very tough procedure which is hectic and time-consuming. Medication involves very lengthy but easy process. So people move toward the way of medication that is inclination of abortion pill.

Role Of Mifepristone And Misoprostal

Talking about Mifepristone, it helps in avoiding the growth of hormones which ultimately leads to stoppage of pregnancy, Since it inhibits the growth of hormones, so it restricts the stage of pregnancy. Only if the pregnancy period is between first 70 days since it’s beginning.

After that there comes a major role of Misoprostal which causes a severe bleeding to empty the uterus. This step is very important and is very painful plus time consuming. Normally this process ranges from 1.4 hours to several hours. This medicine should be consumed with 48 hours or on the advice of doctor after dosage of Mifepristone.

Before doing this, one should follow certain procedures as directed by physician or your doctor, nurse or health officials. Mainly it is not advised intake of aspirin as it may inhibit your bleeding process. This time you should be aware to follow any step under the guidance of health officials. As it involves risk of your death.


It is very awful situation as it creates mental pressure on both individuals. So it is better such situation, so in english we have well-known proverb prevention is better than cure. So please I request you to don’t indulge in such scenes because your one wrong step can hampen both social and personal relationships with peers. 

So stay safe and enjoy your life to fullest.

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