Why Your Name Matters

Name Matters

Science says that there’s a beautiful feeling that we have when we hear our name spoken. The reality has proven it, as it’s such a nice thing to call your loved ones by name. Recognizing someone’s name is recognizing his unique identity defining a part of who this person is. The Bible says that a good name is even more precious than a great treasure. And this is definitely true. Let’s think about kings’ and queens’ names. They were trying to do all things in order to keep their good name reputation during all their life.

And this is a noble thing. We should be interested in keeping the beauty of our names and be proud of wearing the name we received from our parents. Of course, parents have a huge responsibility in choosing the right name to our new-born babies. Many parents have a hard time to find right names for their little children and they often ask for advices from their friends or relatives. But still, the best idea is to use Random Name Generator, an online tool which allows you to quickly find right names ideas when you need them.

Why Your Name Matters?

Your name is reflecting your identity. Of course, your parents should pay attention to the name they choose, as this name should have a positive significance. As a parent, you should be making some research about the name you want to choose for your children.

Names influence your personality

Are names a reflection of your personality? Or maybe names influence your personality during the life. Scientists have discovered that personality is directly influenced by the name chosen at birth. Checking the significance of the name before you choose it for your small children. Small girls that have been given a name with a positive meaning and reminding about women that have been a great good influence for the world around, will have the tendency to have a nice behaviour and the willing to help people and do a change.

Names are labelling people into community groups

If we think about noblemen and wealthy families, they were placed in different categories in the society according to their names. As we can see, names help us categorize groups in the society, but of course we should not be influenced by stereotypes. Just pay attention to this! Sometimes people with a bad rated name can be people of great personality and people that with bring change into the community that they live in. The thing to keep in mind is that we need to not judge people by their names, but to wait some time and get to know them, in order to have a clear idea about them. Of course, names matter, but there is much about getting to know somebody as well, just like giving him a chance to show what he or she is capable of. 

All in all, we have to say that names are playing a huge role into our lives, allowing us to always identify a person that it will be talked of. Names are talking about or life, about our personality, but it is up to us to choose how (proudly or not) we are wearing them.  

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