Wisdom Teeth Removal: Things You Should Know

Wisdom Teeth

Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth removed? Every year millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed. This makes most people assume that everyone should get their teeth removed to avoid posing problems down the road. However, this might be far from the truth because not everyone needs to get their teeth extracted. It is important to visit a dental office for a consultation to determine if you can keep your teeth or if you should have them removed. This blog shares important things you should know.

When to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

In some instances, you might be perfectly fine to allow your wisdom teeth to grow in normally. This is when they develop normally through your gums without impacting the other teeth, your bite, and your ability to practice oral hygiene. This way, you can skip the extraction process and have all your teeth in place.

When To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth?

A dentist might recommend wisdom teeth extraction for various reasons. In most instances, they are removed to resolve issues or to prevent problems down the road. Some of the reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed include:


Most individuals only have room for the teeth they have before getting wisdom teeth in the jaw. Therefore, there’s not enough space for them, preventing them from fully erupting. It can also lead to misaligning, which negatively impacts your oral health.

Continued Wisdom Teeth Pain

Experiencing pain around your wisdom teeth is a common telltale sign of an underlying problem. For example, pain might occur when eating or drinking hot/cold drinks. Therefore, it’s vital to keep track of how serious the pain is, and if it continues persisting, a dental practitioner might recommend wisdom tooth extraction as a long-term solution.

Jaw Stiffness

Wisdom teeth create pressure in the mouth as they push against the other teeth. They cause a shift in other teeth’ placement, which can be pretty uncomfortable. You might need to have the teeth removed if you feel pressure and stiffness in your jaw. Addressing the issue on time will prevent your jaw from becoming more painful.

Swollen/ Tender Gums

Wisdom teeth often cause a flap of gum tissue when they begin to grow in. Food particles and bacteria can be easily trapped in the flap leading to teeth infection. Your gums might feel swollen and sensitive, which often calls for wisdom teeth extraction.


Cysts often form by wisdom teeth, destroying the bone or the roots of your teeth. They can also cause tumors in extreme cases, and having them removed might be the best solution.

In Summary

 Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth removed? It is true to say that not everyone has the extract their wisdom teeth unless it’s necessary. For instance, if your teeth do not erupt or come in wrong, they could cause multiple dental problems. However, if they erupt properly, you can keep them, but be vigilant about oral hygiene to prevent complications over time. It is also vital to schedule routine dental visits for the dentist to monitor your teeth.

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