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In the era of the digital revolution after covid 19, you are nothing if you don’t own a good website. You have to ensure your digital presence for getting maximum benefit. WiziShop provides you assistance for creating your online store and growing your sales. Also, you can get a consultation regarding your website. Just Go Now and get complete eCommerce solutions to double your Sales to 10X. Now you can create your online store on this exclusive platform without paying any cost. Step by step assistance is always available for you. You’ll get amazing experience and services if you are landed on WiziShop.

Here on this platform, you’ll find all the relevant information and articles about eCommerce. If you don’t know how to create your eCommerce website, the following write-up is just for you.

How to create an eCommerce website from scratch in just 90 minutes and start selling

Let’s create an online store with all the secrets methods online retailers wish they had known before launching their site. You don’t need to pay any web developer or designer to create your online store. You can do all the things by yourself. And the most important thing is; that you don’t have to pay for it. So, let’s begin the process!

First, you have to launch your website; this article is about eCommerce website creation. Follow all the steps to make room for you in the digital world. It won’t take enough time by your side, and if you follow all the steps, you’ll create your website in 90 minutes. 

Step 1; Create your Account for free.

WiziShop eCommerce solution offers you a 15-days free trial. You have to create a free online store. It’s a super-easy way to build an account in less than a minute. 

Step 2; Customize your Design

Now you have to customize your website design. Your responsive design and look will help you sell in a great manner. In designing, there are many things such as logo design, creation of your home page, and slightly down. You can utilize the countdown feature, product zoom, simple texts and testimonials. The attractiveness of your online store is in your hand. You can use all the features as per your need. 

Step 3; establish your delivery options.

This process will take probably 20 minutes, during which you have to establish your delivery options. The complete step by step guidance is available in the article, go and check out. 

Step 4; Add your 1st product. 

You have to add products in this section. Add your first product, and enter related details in the given section. You have to add pricing, photos, description, and delivery-related info. It’s a little bit lengthy process as compared to other steps. Go now! And read the complete write-up. Here you’ll get exclusive guidance for each step. 

Step 5; configure Your Payment settings.

We offer you 50 payment methods as per your suitability. All the payment methods have been installed; you need to activate them. The other payment configurations are also needed. Just go and check. 

Step 6; order your domain name.

You have created your website successfully, and now it’s time to buy a domain with your name. Try to use a unique domain name and ensures your online presence. 

Step 7; Your Online store is ready to use

Congrats, you have successfully created your online store in less than 2 hours. Make sure a few things before using it. Complete your legal notice and terms & conditions. Customize your home page to ensure uniqueness and creativity. Press on the “launch your store” button, and here you go. 


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