Women Kurtis: A Fashion Statement Of Their Own



In India, Kurtis is the common daily wear of women. Although it was more popular amongst girls than ladies in the 2000s. But these days, age is just a number. Everyone is wearing Kurtis as women’s Kurtis are comfortable, easy, and elegant.

In this article you read everything about Kurtis; types, how can they be styled, etc.

Kurtis, a fashion statement!

Women’s Kurtis is not just traditional wear, but also a fashion statement of their own. The Kurti is easy to carry around as well as stylish, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.

Kurti is a traditional dress, back in the time people used to wear a kurta which was made of cotton. Women in Indo wore it as an everyday outfit.

It was only in the late 20th century that Kurtis began to become famous. Women started to wear them in the office and while traveling abroad. It became a fashion statement, with these garments becoming a part of their style statement. The latest trend in women’s Kurtis is investing in desi Kurtis. These are expensive compared to regular cotton kurta Kurti; they are still cheaper than western wear such as pants or skirts.

Types of Kurtis 

  • Cotton kurtis 

The cotton Kurti, also known as the 5-yard Kurti or the easy Kurti, is a simple and comfortable garment that is perfect for women.

The cotton  printed Kurti is meant to be a simple and comfortable garment that easily conforms to a woman’s body. Cotton fabric is used to make this type of piece because it is lightweight, breathable, and can be easily dyed in bright colors.

There are many designs for cotton Kurtis available online on fashion portals. And some of them are really cute.

  • A-line kurtis 

A-line kurtis are one of the most popular garments amongst women these days,especially the youth. These kurtis flare down from the waist creating an A with the length of the fabric. It can be till calf,ankle or knee length and more as per the customer’s choice. A line kurta can be worn on a regular basis, on festivals and formally as well. They can be paired with different types of lowers as per the demand of the occasion. For instance, formally pair it with jeans and traditionally with dhoti pants. 

  • Anarkali kurtis 

Anarkali is the GOLD of kurtis, investing in them will never be a bad choice. It never goes out of fashion, it’s evergreen,versatile and has been there since Mughle-e-Azam. It is the perfect blend of elegance, grace and traditionalism. One of the best things about anarkalis is that it goes well with all body types. It doesn’t matter whether you are size S or size XXL, it is gonna look fabulous. Originally it used to be paired with churidar leggings, but these days girls pair it with different types of bottoms, making it indo western and more comfortable for them.

It can be accessorized with jhumkas and kolhapuri footwear. 

  • Dhoti style kurtis 

Fashion industry has been growing like never before, so many talented young designers in the industry are designing these contemporary designs of the Kurtis, which have definitely taken over. The Dhoti style is the new sensation that has been making its signature. They are conventional and regardless have that modern touch. The dhoti style Kurtis has a unique drape style and is comfortable to wear. The fashionable Kurtis are body-hugging and loose from the waist down. The Kurti can be worn without any bottoms like a dress or be paired with stockings, leggings or tights with fancy prints. These kurtis are usually worn at functions like weddings, parties or on festivals.

One can accessorize them in multiple ways.

  • Tier kurtis 

The newest and the  most trendy kurtis these days are tier krutis. They are everywhere in the market. It is the most comfortable form of kurtis which can be best worn with sneakers. 

The fashion industry is competitive and plugged with ingenious brainiacs. The Kurtis are available in different lengths, long tiers, Kurti might be straight or flared, which can be paired with churidar, leggings, and treggings. The knee-length and calf-length can be paired with palazzos, salwar, or Patialas. They are an excellent option of outfit for festivals, weddings, office wear. All types of jewellery, whether, ethnic or modern jewelry, goes with these Kurtis.

After knowing so much about Kurtis, do you still think that Kurtis are just boring aunty wear? No, right! If you don’t own any kurti set then what are you waiting for? Kurtis are everywhere. You can buy them offline as well as online. They are reasonable yet trendy and stylish. You can buy any kurti according to your body type, size and choice. Hundreds of options are there. Go grab some of them for yourself.

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