Why You Should See a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist for Back Pain

Why You Should See a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist for Back Pain

Pain can disturb your life. 

If you are like 80% of people, you may have experienced back pain.

You can find relief through massage therapy Perth.

A back pain chiropractor can also provide you with relief by getting to the root of the problem.

How massage therapy helps

Massage therapy utilises pressure points and your tissues to treat pain. 

It is the process of using hands, feet, elbows, knees, or forearms to apply pressure to superficial or deep muscle and tissue layers. 

This can help promote healing, plus relax your body and mind.

A massage can help by triggering a response in your body to make it create more nutrients, hormones, and oxygen for the damaged tissues. It then reduces swelling, stiffness, and pain — leaving you calm, with less pain, and often joyful even.

A good massage can improve blood flow to assist with the healing process, and remove toxins to lower blood pressure and improve your body’s function.

Massage therapy can help you even more when it is used in conjunction with other methods like chiropractic care.

Why chiropractic care?

A chiropractor specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system — muscles, bones, and joints.

Most people think of a chiropractor as a spine doctor. This is not far from the truth, since the spine is the epicentre for all the nerves that control your body and its functions.

The truth is that a chiropractor can treat your entire body utilising spinal manipulation, trigger point therapy, and exercise.

If you have chronic pain due to issues like joint disease, osteoporosis, or arthritis, a chiropractor may refer you to a spine specialist. 

Having a chiropractor manipulate your spine may sound scary. 

Your spine will make a popping sound, if done right. 

That popping sound is normal. It is not the popping of your bone. The sound you hear is the release of gas within the joint due to a sudden pressure difference.

Often treating back pain can alleviate other issues, leaving you energised, pain free, and with a wider range of mobility. 

The biggest bonus to seeing a chiropractor is that they can treat your pain without surgery or pills, most of the time. They can also improve your posture.

Finding the right chiropractor or masseuse 

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral when you are seeking help for your pain from a chiropractor or massage therapist. 

You can also ask family, friends, and neighbours if they can refer you to someone.

Look at the online reviews.

Discuss the issues you are having, any allergies you have, and the possible treatment.

Ask about the cost of treatment and if your insurance is accepted.

Pain and the issues that cause it can be debilitating. 

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may benefit from massage therapy Perth.

A chiropractor can treat the issues that are causing the pain with a specialised treatment plan. 

For a noninvasive treatment for your back pain, seek the help of a back pain chiropractor.

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