11 Must-Have Hiking Gear to Celebrate National Hiking Day

11 Must-Have Hiking Gear

National Hiking Day is a day to celebrate the joys of hiking and getting outdoors. Hiking Day is an outdoor recreation event that has been held in the USA since 2000. It is a time for people to enjoy the outdoors by hiking and camping, usually in a nearby state park or national forest.

Benefits of Hiking

One of the most enjoyable outdoor pursuits is hiking. It does not cost a lot and is, at the same time, challenging. Hiking requires a lot of planning and preparation. But it’s worth it because you will get to experience nature in its purest form.

Hiking can help you reconnect with nature and enjoy its natural beauty with your friends or family members. It is not something that you find in the city. There are no high-rises, no traffic jams, and no pollution. Just pure nature in all its glory.

Hiking has something for everybody. Even if you’re not an avid hiker, we’re sure there are many aspects of the sport that can benefit you. Especially if done regularly.

Dangers of Hiking

Some people are under the false impression that a good hiker should be able to go out in any weather and terrain. This is not the case. Hiking can be dangerous if you are unprepared and don’t use certain safety gear. 

Dangerous situations on hikes can range from running into poisonous snakes to wild animals like bears. Getting lost or falling off cliffs is also a possibility.

It is important to invest in tactical gear and equip yourself with the necessary tools. That is before going on a hike to ensure your safety on the trail.

Hiking Gears for Safety

A lot of hiking gear also falls under the category of tactical gear variations. Even though the best tactical gear is used by law enforcement, a lot of these designs can also be adapted to hiking gear. The hiking gear is good protective gear for civilians and non-citizens taking a hike.

11 Hiking Equipment for National Hiking Day


When hiking, you need to pack some basic hiking tools. They are crucial to your hiking survival. Here is a list of some essential hiking accessories.

1. Tactical Boot

Tactical boots are the best option for hiking because they have a sturdy footbed. They protect your toes. They also have a waterproof and breathable membrane. They can be built just like the boot in law enforcement gear. This is to give you confidence in your safety while you are on your hiking adventures. 

2. Tactical Backpack

Tactical backpacks are used by law enforcement officers and civilians alike. This makes it the right fit for hiking because of its durability and ability to carry more supplies. They can be used to carry supplies, such as water, food, medical equipment, and other forms of survival kits. Tactical backpacks are available in various sizes, depending on personal preference. 

3. Hiking Poles

Hikers use hiking poles for stability and balance on steep terrain. The poles also help to lower a hiker’s center of gravity and enable them to carry larger loads. The typical hiker will use their poles while walking up slopes, traversing flat ground, and descending steep slopes. They can also need it to cross a stream or other wet ground.

4. Hat For Hiking

Hats are critical for outdoor enthusiasts, keeping their heads and ears warm. They also protect their face and neck from sunburn and insect bites. A hat for hiking should be lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

The brim of the hat should be high enough to protect your head from the sun but low enough to avoid blocking your peripheral vision. The material of the hat should also be thin and soft enough so that you can easily wear it for long periods without feeling uncomfortable or too hot.

5. Sunglasses

As tactical gear, sunglasses are an essential part of hiking gear. They are an essential part of any hike, no matter the time of year. They possess UV protection and scratch-resistant coatings. They can keep you safe from the sun and keep your vision protected. The best sunglasses for hiking are designed to be durable, lightweight, and suit a variety of styles.

6. Compass

The compass is an instrument that measures the direction or bearing of a geographical location. It does this relative to the earth’s magnetic poles. It can be used by hikers to find their way in the wilderness.

In general, it can be said that the compass is one of the most important pieces of equipment for those who venture into unfamiliar territory. Compasses are often lightweight and quite affordable. They are also easy to use, accurate, and reliable.

7. Flashlight and Headlamp

It is important to have a flashlight or headlamp on hand when you are hiking. It allows you to see in the dark and keep your hands free from other things. Hiking can be difficult if you don’t have the right tactical gear. A flashlight or headlamp can be useful for seeing in the dark as well as keeping your hands free to do other things. 

8. Map Of The Area

You should always have a trail map when you go hiking. The map is important because it shows you where the trail goes and what the elevation levels are like. It also has information on water sources, camping sites, and what you need to get through that area. We can’t emphasize enough how important a trail map is for your hiking trip.

9. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have for any outdoor activity. Hikers should be careful of their exposure to the sun. So make sure to have protection for your skin and clothes. Sunscreen is important when you’re on a hike. This is because it protects your skin from UV damage and helps prevent sunburns.

There are many things that you need to do when hiking to protect your skin while enjoying nature. But remember sunscreen because it protects against skin cancer and helps prevent sunburns.

10. Hiking Clothes

Choosing quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials for your hiking attire is essential. This could be made from the same materials as the police tactical gear. The best strategy is to layer your clothing so that you can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Conditions such as snow, hikerain, and extremely hot or cold temperatures.

11. Rain Gear 

Hiking requires appropriate rain gear. No matter the forecast, always bring a waterproof jacket or poncho. If you check the forecast and find that rain is predicted, it’s also a good idea to pack rain boots and a waterproof bag cover.


Make your National Hiking Day memorable by making sure you have everything you’ll need for the upcoming outdoor activities. Make sure you have the right equipment, whether you’re going alone or with friends, to maximize your experience.

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