Getting a detailed idea of how people with dementia live and how it is to actually live with them will allow you to help anyone in your family and friends to help love better. This article will help you get a thorough idea of what kind of changes people with Dementia go through and how they can take care of patients with Dementia. If you’re in need of professional help, you can simply hire a Personal Health Care to care better for the patient at your home.

The impact of Dementia on the students

The following are the problems which most of the people with dementia suffer through:

  1. Losing self-confidence along with self-esteem.
  2. Losing social relationships
  3. Losing any interest in things they liked to do.
  4. Basic necessary task-performing skills

Losing the ability to do such things can damage the people who are suffering every day and see having a personal connection to the thing they love.

Dementia actually affects a person’s life entirely in their daily course of action. Therefore, people who are caring for people with dementia need to follow some tips. You can find those tips below.

Tips to follow to help people with dementia

People suffering from these conditions often need extra assistance with everyday tasks such as showering, dressing, and personal care. They might feel troubled by this. 

Following are some tips you must follow to care for a person with dementia:

  1. Maintain a schedule when it comes to sticking up to a routine. Take care of it daily at the same time.
  2. Support the particular person in making a schedule of events.
  3. Set up relaxing hobbies for the exact same schedule every day.
  4. Set up automatic alerts to remind them of medication.
  5. When getting dressed or taking a bath, give the person as much freedom as you can.
  6. Invest in easily worn, roomy clothing that fits comfortably.
  7. When taking a bath, use a seat for the shower to protect the person with dementia from falling. (These are available at drug stores).
  8. Explain each and everything in detail to the patient.

Tips for people with dementia to live a happy and healthy lifestyle

As the illness gets worse every day, it can be hard for the person to eat healthy and stay active. Here are a few tips:


  1. Think of activities they can do
  2. Help start an activity or join in to make it more fun. They may need help getting started.
  3. Add music during exercise.
  4. Do short-duration workouts instead of long one.
  5. Take a daily walk together. 
  6. Buy healthy foods that are easy to make, like readymade salads.

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