4 Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Men’s Cap Based On Your Face Shape

To master the art of dressing, you must pay attention to the small details and make a statement from the regular look. The right accessories will help you compliment your look for the day, making you stand out. For decades mens caps have been an essential part of the look. This includes wearing a cap as a part of a uniform, during sports events, or out of sheer love for the same, during casual outings. Nonetheless, the journey of caps as a fashion extra and men wearing those continues. 

The question in concern is, “how to choose the right cap size and design based on one’s face shape?” You must go through the comprehensive guide and select one for yourself. 

4 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Cap Based On Your Face Shape

Get A Clear Idea About Your Face Shape

There are various mens caps for each face shape. To get a more precise idea, go through the following face shape types:  

  • Round: When the length of your cheekbones roughly matches the overall length of the face. Plus, the jawline and forehead also tend to be the same size. 
  • Diamond: Men with diamond face shapes have smaller jaws and foreheads than cheekbones. The face usually appears to combine two different shape types. 
  • Rectangular: As per fashion guides, this face shape is ideal for mens caps. Your face is wider and longer around the cheekbones. The combination is comparatively neutral, and you have various cap options. 
  • Square: Square-shaped faces are termed very masculine. There are endless possibilities that you can go for. 
  • Heart: When you have a wide forehead, pointed chin, generous-looking jawline, and cheekbones teamed with pleasant, soft, and smooth facial features. 

Start Your Research On Various Cap Types

Let’s have a look at various mens caps type:

  • Snapback caps: They are similar in terms of the classic baseball caps. These caps have a flexible closure and go well with multiple head sizes and shapes. 
  • 6-panel caps: They comprise six fabric segments made available in different styles by several brands. The face comes with two panels having a vertical seam in the middle. 
  • Flat-Visor caps: Otherwise, also known as an English cap, these mens caps appear stylish with a flat peak. However, they offer quite a little protection to the eyes from the Sun. 
  • Mesh caps: The most distinctive feature is the reinforced area for the forehead with mesh fabric on the back and sides. The overall arrangement offers quite an amicable agreement during the hot summer days. 
  • Sun Visor caps: It is more or less a type of headband where any fabric does not cover the head area. You can fasten or loosen the band as per use.
  • Sandwich caps: There are three layers of fabric in the cap, with a different colour in the middle layer. 
  • Panama caps: A Panama cap is a classic brimmed straw hat with Ecuadorian origins. It is also called a jipijapa hat, an Ecuadorian hat, or a toquilla straw hat. International cricket players typically wear this classic cap. The additional wide brim on these caps provides the most sun protection possible.

Consider A Particular Cap Type For Your Face Shape

The below list will help you select a cap as per your face shape:

  • Wear caps that soften your angles and offer a more defined look if you have a square face. A Panama-shaped cap is suitable for all face types.
  • Those with a round face must wear mens caps that add angles and height to the face. Try caps with higher crowns. Otherwise, ball caps will be the best. 
  • You need to invest in caps that will bring all your features together when you have a diamond face shape. 
  • A baseball cap is suitable for all different face types. But it will look best with heart-shaped face types. If you are trying on hats, go for the one with a low crown to shift attention from the jawline and give more importance to the cheekbones. 
  • English mens caps are the most suitable for oval and thin faces.
  • Again custom caps with high crowns stand the best for one with a long face. The cap will balance out your jawline and drive away attention from your chin. 

Make Sure The Cap Fits Well! 

Your cap must fit well to achieve a flawless look. Measure across the front (from one side to another of the ear) and then go on with the back side (from one earlobe to the other). Also, focus on the fabric while choosing your cap per the face shape. Because the style and fit vary across several fabric types and you might feel uncomfortable with something that has not the right fit or ventilation. The shape and roundness of your head also matter for a reason, and you need to be attentive with mens caps. 


So that is all about “how you shall be styling trendy caps for men.” Make sure to prioritise your comfort over everything else, then choose a particular style and fit. Be optimistic, take your time while doing research, and finalise accordingly. Your style statement must match the personality type and not make people perceive you as someone else. 


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