5 tips for owners of local brands, who want to develop their page on Instagram

When you look at big brands that have already formed a clear strategy for interacting with their customers, you probably feel confused – how to do the same if you are the owner of a small business and you do not have a huge PR department at your disposal, but only yourself and your assistant? Well, everything is quite real, the main thing is to understand where you can handle yourself, and where you will need professional help. Let’s try to figure out the basics: 

  1. First of all, you should remember once and for all that the main thing in social networks is interaction with the audience. Even if you have the most incredible quality content, if you are not on the same wave with your subscribers, do not respond to their messages and do not appear online at all, you will not reach success. In order to be remembered, noticed and for people to want to return to your profile, you must show people that it is alive. The biggest and most successful pages are those around which a cohesive community has formed.
  2. It is also important to understand that the prevailing formats of Instagram are now videos and stories, while photos have gradually faded into the background. People like to look at a lively picture, and especially like it when it is interactive – that’s why stories have become the main format of this social network. This suggests that you do not need to devote so much time to the tape. It is better to shift the focus to the constant publication of stories that will involve your audience in your life or in the life of your brand or company.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be different from others. If you think that the way to success is to copy the success of others, you are very wrong. The world does not need an identical genius, it is always in search of something new and fresh, this is the difficulty of promotion and development online. The sphere is so saturated with talents and people from all over the world that it becomes very difficult to stand out. Or isn’t it? In fact, if you just be sincere and talk passionately about what you do, you will almost certainly inevitably succeed. Why? Because emotions attract similar emotions.
  4. Try to bring something new as often as possible. If you remember, people are always looking for something new and interesting, and they are waiting for it even from those whom they have known for quite a long time. Your audience may like you, but if you stop entertaining and surprising them, most likely, your blog will inevitably go to its end. Don’t be afraid to change, don’t be afraid to try new things and seem risky to yourself – all these experiences will be justified when you see interest in messages from your subscribers and customers.
  5. What about paid support for your account? Is it possible to do something to speed up the development process? Yes, of course: for example, you can buy Instagram followers to attract the attention of those people who care about their number. Despite the tendency to hide their own likes, the vast majority of people still judge others by quantitative metrics, and this is quite understandable. Therefore, you can use a psychological hack and trick those who want to be tricked – buying subscribers from a good supplier will never hurt you, it will only help significantly.

Let’s quickly summarize: what can you do to help yourself with the development of your profile if you don’t have so many resources in your hands? Firstly, follow all our tips that do not require investments of money, and secondly, come to the realization that you will still have to invest some funds in the promotion of your Instagram page in any case. Targeted advertising requires investments as well, not to mention the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers – and both of these steps can be counted as mandatory ones. Therefore, if you want to achieve quick results, combine paid and free and you will be happy with what you’ll get in return.

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