6 Inspiring Facts About Career In Plumbing Industry

6 Inspiring Facts About Career In Plumbing Industry

You’ve probably heard by now that skilled tradespeople in the United States are old and hard to come by. It’s probably safe to assume that, based on your location, you’re at least mildly curious about plumbing as a profession. Maybe you’ve always been fascinated with plumbing, or you’re a plumber yourself. Perhaps you have a contact who is. There is no reason not to think about plumbing if a new company is in the works. If you’re thinking about a new career path, plumbing is one of the best options you can think of.

Career Security

There has been a dearth of applicants for jobs in the skilled trades in recent years. In spite of widespread demand, the labor market remains short on qualified plumbers. Plumbers are on the rise, this is great news for you! Between 2012 and 2022, the number of plumbing-related occupations is projected to grow by 21%, according to the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The plumbing industry is one in which new workers are always needed.

They can find work quickly, yet they’re also hard to fire. In recent years, outsourcing has become increasingly common across the country. Calls to international call centers of major service providers are permitted. Nothing about this is relevant to the plumbing industry. Plumbers will always be needed in the United States, so long as homes have flush toilets. A skilled plumber is in high demand everywhere in the country.

Knowledge Maintenance through Continual Study

Being a plumber suggests you’re interested in learning more about the industry as a whole so you can better serve your customers. The life of a plumber seems to be constantly disrupted by the introduction of some new gadget or instrument. A plumber may also be required by new health regulations or state standards to acquire expertise in contemporary methods of repair.

Employees that take initiative to further their education reap numerous benefits. The best way to keep your mind sharp as you age is to exercise and educate it. Plumbing professionals regularly engage in problem-solving in order to complete their assignments.


Income As of 2016, it was reported that a licensed plumber may expect to earn an average salary of $56,030 per year. This sum is far larger than the starting salary of several recent college grads. According to TIME, the average starting pay for a business major is $52,236 while the average starting salary for a communications major is $47,047.

According to these data, plumbers are in the first place. The need for plumbers is expected to increase pay for the profession in the future years. When compared to other professional trades, plumbing jobs offer the best pay. According to US News, the plumbing and electrical industries are the highest and second highest paying in the construction industry, respectively.


Working in the plumbing industry offers rewarding work and a welcoming team. The National Association of PHCC, among others, will be accessible to you. These organizations can help you connect with licensed plumbers and maintain the integrity of your plumbing business.

You have connections not only within the plumbing industry but also within the local community. You can provide jobs and stability to the local populace, for instance, by starting a plumbing business and hiring locals. In the event of a water main break or pipe explosion, the community units will contact you to come to fix the problem.

Trade School

Feel daunted by the prospect of four years at university? Getting into the top plumbing school is a major motivator for making that career choice. A two-year program at a trade school is a lot more affordable than a four-year degree at a university. The annual cost of a trade school is about $7,560, which is less than half the cost of a year at a four-year institution.

You can spend more time in the workforce because trade school just takes two years to complete. Because of this, you can begin working at a younger age and still have plenty of time to climb the corporate ladder or find your own successful business. With more time on your hands, you can also increase your retirement savings.

Complete your technical training for plumbing, and then go right into an apprenticeship. Internships allow students to gain valuable work experience while also earning money. However, they paint the clearest picture of what it’s like to work in the field once you’ve finished your formal education.

Advantages in Society

You can find like-minded people who know what it’s like to work in the plumbing industry by joining the plumbing society. You’ll have an easier time of it if you can relate to each other’s struggles and offer advice based on your own experiences. The ability to relax in social situations is another perk of becoming a plumber. The people you provide services to will be open to meeting you in person. You wouldn’t have to spend all day sitting at a desk and typing. Plumbers regularly put their social skills, including the ability to collaborate and convey ideas, to the test.

Starting your own plumbing business is a great opportunity to be your own boss. Nowadays, the need for plumbing services is so high, you wouldn’t have to worry about meeting that need. For those considering launching their own business, there are a number of successful companies from which to learn. Having your own plumbing apprenticeship program has several benefits, including the ability to choose your own hours and work from anywhere. When you decide to launch your own plumbing business, you do it under close observation.

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