9 Easy Steps to Find the Best Fertility Clinic In India?

Planning family expansion or parenthood journey is different for couples. Some of them get what they planned while some have to struggle a lot to move ahead on their plan. If you are among the couples who have issues in their family expansion or parenthood plan, you should visit a fertility centre in Bangalore in your local town/city. 

In the contemporary world, each town/city has numerous clinics and hospitals offering infertility treatment. And as a conscious couple, you will not love to go to any fertility clinic for knowing real causes and treating the same to become parents of a child. You will like to get treated at the best one. Here are some steps to find the best fertility clinic in India:

  1. Know the availability of treatments 

Before visiting a clinic, hospital, or doctor, you don’t know whether you or your spouse has issues. So, you have no idea on what treatment you may need or will be good for you. You should know the clinic/centre is for female infertility, male infertility, or both male and female infertility. Further, you need to know what treatments they offer. The probable treatment or services you may need are as follows:

  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • IUI
  • Ooty program  
  • Surrogacy  
  1. Explore the facilities available 

After doctor consultation, you may need to go through a few tests and screenings. A clinic or hospital is better for you if it has all the clinical setups to conduct all the requisite tests and screenings. With it, you will save your time, effort, and cost that you have to do during your transfer from the clinic to a specific test centre. 

  1. Be familiar with the availability of doctors 

In today’s world, you can come across several health centres or clinics without doctors. They have an association with doctors and call the respective one when their patients need specific treatment or advice. Such clinics or fertility centres are not ideal for you. Instead, you should book your appointment at a fertility centre that has doctors on board and not dependant on doctors on call. 

  1. Know the doctors with their education and affiliation 

A fertility clinic or centre doesn’t help you cure your problems. It is the doctors who interact with you and help you get rid of your health issues. So, it is crucial to know about the doctors a clinic has. In your exploration, you should know qualifications, specialties, experience, and knowledge of doctors before making your appointment at a clinic/hospital. 

  1. Value the industry presence 

A newly-open fertility clinic or maternity centre may not be good for anyone. Usually, such a clinic has a lack of doctors, requisite facilities, and allied issues in its initial days. You should find and go to the one that has several years of market presence. Over the years, the clinic with doctors will have gone through several challenges and learnt a lot in treating infertile couples. Experience matters a lot. So, value it. 

  1. Find out whether it is registered and licensed or not 

A registered and licensed fertility clinic is an ideal option for you. Such one follows the set industry norms & standards and never tries to do wrong with patients as it has a fear of losing its registration and licence. As far as possible, choose the one that has government approval and follows the guidelines of the ICMR and the MCI (now NMC, National Medical Commission).        

  1. Think about the cost 

The price of a product or service affects a lot of people. Many of you avoid purchasing a product or availing a service if it has a higher price tag. So, before selecting the one, you should ask for estimated infertility treatment costs from a few fertility centres. Move ahead when you get a clinic offering affordable treatment and services for your fertility problems. 

  1. Value success rate 

Usually, infertility treatments and services such as IVF and surrogacy are expensive. And your money will go in vain if you have no expected results after treatment. Visiting a fertility clinic with a highest treatment success rate can make sure you have effective treatment.

  1. Know the reputation 

Credential matters a lot for most of what you buy or avail. To get the best one, you should know what people say about a particular product or service. And for this, you should not limit only to online reviews. You should meet couples who have become parents after having infertility treatment from a particular clinic, hospital, or doctor.     

Take away 

Selecting a good fertility clinic is crucial for you. And in this regard, you should keep doctors’ availability, facilities, experience, treatment cost, market reputation, etc, of a clinic in mind. Do a compare and contrast of everything to find the best fertility centre. 

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