9 Reasons Not to Get a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating. It’s something that many speedsters and thrill-seekers dream of doing one day. However, it is not a task that should be taken lightly. In fact, owning and riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous things a person can do on the road. If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle, read these reasons not to first.

1.       No Airbags

It’s a well-known fact that motorcycles provide very little protection for their riders. This is simply due to their design. During a crash, a car will deploy airbags as a safety response to cushion any blows. On the other hand, a motorcycle offers no such benefit in addition to leaving motorcyclists vulnerable on all sides.

2.       No Warning Lights

Most motorcycles do not come equipped with a warning light system that will alert the driver when something is wrong—for example, no tire pressure light to flag your attention when your tires are low. Oftentimes, the motorcyclists will need to rely exclusively on their instincts to know if their tires are low or if there are any other system issues.

3.       Oblivious Drivers

Traditional car drivers simply don’t pay attention. It’s the reason there are thousands of accidents every year despite drivers knowing the risks. Adding motorcyclists to the mix and the potential for fatal accidents grows even further. There is simply not enough respect from car drivers to treat motorcyclists as equals and keep them safe.

4.       Dangerous Laws

If you choose not to partake in dangerous practices such as lane splitting, then you won’t need to worry about this reason. However, if you ever do partake, particularly on high traffic days when people are tuned out and annoyed, you’re at an increased risk of danger. Not every state permits lane splitting but beware if your state does, as oblivious cars merging pose a major risk.

5.       The Elements

It’s not recommended that any motorcyclists drive in the rain as the ground is far too slick. If the motorcycle is your primary vehicle, this can make travel difficult. Similarly, remember that motorcycles, specifically street bikes, do not come with a windshield, so you’re vulnerable to everything thrown your way.

6.       No Room to Relax

The modern car has many convenient benefits to help you relax, but the motorcycle does not, and for a good reason. With the increased risk inherent with riding motorcycles, it doesn’t make sense to make the ride any more relaxed than it already is. While you might be able to switch on cruise control for your car and give your feet a break, you can’t do the same with your motorcycle and so on.

7.       No Privacy

Sometimes we don’t want everyone to know everything we’re doing, especially in a safe place like our vehicles. However, motorcycles offer no such privacy. Anything that you have on you, anything that you’re doing, everyone around you can see clearly. This can be awkward in situations like needing to blow your nose as you’re practically out in the open.

8.       No Storage

This is an inherent problem with motorcycles that most understand when purchasing. However, keep in mind that this motorcycle will often carry you through years of your life and different phases. If you’re almost ready to settle down and have children, is it truly the best time to purchase a motorcycle when you soon need a family-friendly vehicle? Keep both your short- and long-term goals in mind when deciding.

9.       Seatbelts

Unfortunately, motorcycles offer little in the way of safety, including seatbelts. When you’re thrown from your motorcycle, there is no restraint to keep you in place. This leaves a lot up to chance in the case of an accident. Your body being deployed can result in life-threatening injuries depending on the position and velocity.


While motorcycles can seem fun at a glance, there are a lot of variables that should go into your decision. Be sure that you consider all of your life circumstances before making any rash decisions, including your commutes, family life, and safety aspects. If you choose to get a motorcycle in the end, only do so after ensuring you’ve adopted the best safety tips. 

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