Aesthetics Are Gaining in Popularity with Men and Women: Here’s why?


Over the past several years, the aesthetics market has continued to grow at a pace of over 10 percent per year, with both men and women flocking to medspas and other skincare treatment facilities to see what it’s all about. While women over 40 have historically been the target demographic for aesthetic treatments, thanks to a shifting mindset among consumers about wellness, beauty and aging gracefully, aesthetics are now in demand among additional patient segments, including men and Millennials.

Now more than ever, people are looking into what kinds of aesthetics OKC has to offer, and they are not disappointed! Here are some of the reasons aesthetic treatments are gaining in popularity among men and women alike, and why the demand doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in the coming years.

Turning Back Time:

As more and more Millennials turn 40, they are intent on proving that age is indeed nothing but a number. Both men and women want to maintain a fresh-faced appearance that matches their vibrant, youthful attitudes and lifestyle. After all, today’s 40-year-olds are a far cry from the 40-year-olds from just twenty years ago. Aesthetic treatments help keep them looking as young as they feel, without making them look like they’ve “had work done.”

Time For a Refresh:

Aesthetic treatments for men are on the rise, and one of the prevalent reasons for this is to maintain a competitive edge in their career. As Millennial men climb the corporate ladder, they want to maintain their youthful, energetic appearance. Aesthetic treatments are one way men can look as refreshed and rejuvenated as their younger colleagues. Subtle injectable treatments can go a long way toward helping them maintain the alert, dynamic appearance they began their careers with.

Millennial Maintenance:

As with various other skincare treatments, patients find that going in for minor aesthetics every once in a while can help reduce the need for more major procedures down the road. Receiving a volumizing or plumping treatment here and there beginning in your late thirties or early forties can help keep more invasive cosmetic surgery options at bay. As more Millennial men and women think of aesthetics as “routine maintenance” treatments, the demand continues to grow.

As aesthetic treatments continue to gain in popularity among men and Millennials of all genders, internet searches for “aesthetics OKC” have increased accordingly. As attitudes toward health, beauty, and aging continue to shift, we can expect to see a greater demand for treatments designed to help preserve a radiant, youthful appearance with little to no downtime or recovery. It’s time to take a look at what aesthetics can do for you!

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