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Best CBSE Schools In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the biggest states in India and is noted for its natural beauty and high-end technical advancements. This place has it all from well-designed landscapes surrounding the entire state to some of the historical places to visit. Then you have some of the biggest IT firms with their offices, covering all over the state. 

But, if there is one thing that Maharashtra is known for then that has to be the best CBSE schools. Compromising on education quality is not an option for the parents, who want to give the world to their kids. If you are one of them and looking for the best CBSE schools in Maharashtra, you are welcome to come and get your hands on Skoodos now.

It is an online website, offering detailed information on some of the best CBSE schools, situated in Maharashtra. Each school has its unique history and made its name in this highly competitive world through hard work and dedication. So, the next time you are looking for the best CBSE schools, it is mandatory that you get your hands on Skoodos. 

From here, you can go through the names of each school, and check out its history and features, before finalizing the enrolment process. Listed below, are some of the best CBSE schools to look into.

St Gianelli Convent School:

Located in Kamptee, Nagpur, St Gianelli Convent School is a day-only school and was established in 2011. It follows the CBSE mode of education and the grades are from Nursery to Class X.

  • This is a co-ed institution that is managed by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Garden.
  • The school is known for its history and dedicated faculty members, whose main goal is to create strong individuals.

Saraswat Central Public School:

If you are looking for one of the best CBSE schools in Nagpur, venture into the world of Saraswat Central Public School and you won’t be disappointed at all.

  • This CBSE School houses grades from Nursery to class XII. So, your kids will come out fully prepared to face the real world.
  • It is a co-ed institution, affiliated with CBSE and managed by the Vidya Vihar Shikshan Sanstha.
  • This institution started its journey in 2014 and never had to look back because of its dedicated educational values and life morals.

Scholars Convent:

Another interesting school in Nagpur to enroll your kids in is Scholars Convent. It is situated on Central Bazaar Road and is noted as a day-only school. 

  • This institution started its journey in 2008 and has grown to a certain extent because of its dedicated work.
  • This co-ed institution has grades starting from Nursery to Class X. 
  • This institution is managed by Shree Shaikshanik & Samajik Bahuddeshiya Sanstha.

Safa High School & Jr College:

Willing to enroll your kids in an institution in Mumbai City? If so, then we welcome you to come and join hands with Safa High School & Jr College and won’t regret making this decision at all.

  • It is one Day-only institution, which first started its journey in 2002. 
  • This co-ed institution serves grades from nursery to XII and is affiliated with CBSE.
  • With proper guidance and training from the faculty members, students from this institution can mark remarkable achievements and become highly successful on a global platform.
  • The students, over here, are exposed to a refined curriculum that will train them to develop unique abilities in this monotonous world.
  • This institution always welcomes new ideas and has various co-curricular activities to help students know what they love doing the most.
  • So, apart from educational services, this institution has other art-related programs to help students know what they want to do in the future. It doesn’t always have to be related to books!

Mces English Medium School:

If you reside anywhere near Pune and are willing to get your kids enrolled in one of the best institutions in this city, then Mces English Medium School is the name you should be looking forward to, and for many reasons.

  • Established in 1964, it is considered to be one of the oldest and most highly experienced educational institutions out there.
  • The classes start from Nursery to Grade XII, which helps your kids to get proper education under one umbrella.
  • This school follows the co-education value and has an attached pre-primary section.
  • It is not using the school building as a shift school.
  • The main mode of instruction followed over here is English, which helps in preparing students for the global platform from a tender age.

So, next time you are making plans to help parents learn more about the top CBSE schools in Maharashtra, the names mentioned above will provide you with your answer. Check out all the possible options before you can finalize one.

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