Best Way To Get Google Reviews

Best Way To Get Google Reviews

Why are Google reviews so important?

Even if local search queries are rarely associated with an enormous search volume, local search is important in today’s World. Because: Every 5th search query in the World now has a local connection.

Let’s put ourselves in the position of a physiotherapist in Wiesbaden. The numbers are correct so far, but things could be better. You see that your competition is upgrading its website and advertising more online. Of course, you don’t want to lose touch.

So you go to the online marketing agency you trust and book the most expensive package. You don’t want to do things by halves. Everything is optimized and great. The first results can be seen relatively early; you quickly rise in the relevant keywords and are soon among the top 3 companies in the Google Maps search.

You have now achieved a prominent position but are not getting any more inquiries. Why is that? You are on the first three ads, and your company profile is perfectly optimized. Very simple: You are missing the Google reviews! If you take a completely unbiased look at the selection of physiotherapists, you will first notice the practice’s 4.7 stars in third place. The color, the shape, it’s just an eye-catcher.

You lose the first impression against the entry in position 3. According to a survey by, 88% of Internet users say they have already read Google reviews of local businesses, and 35% do so regularly. Just 12% say they haven’t read any reviews yet.

In addition, almost 85% of Internet users trust online reviews and are even influenced by them, both positively and negatively. (Source: )

But ratings are not only essential for potential customers. Many reviews also give positive “feedback” to Google. Logically, companies rated a lot are also visited, and Google notices that too. Companies that are visited and then rated well obviously offer the user added value. Exactly what Google wants to offer us, internet users.

Best 8 ways To Get Positive Google Reviews

  1. Ask family, friends, and acquaintances for help.

In the beginning, getting a few Google reviews is important so that the stars are displayed. Important here: Don’t be alarmed; sometimes, the stars are only displayed from the 5th reviewer who has submitted a rating. So don’t be discouraged. It would help if you first asked your family and friends to quickly get a few Google reviews. There will certainly be some “customers” here who would like to support you and leave you a positive rating. If you want you can buy google reviews from the beginning because without positive google reviews you never progress your online business. 

  1. Reach out to satisfied and long-standing customers for positive reviews

If you have good contact with a few customers, you can also address them directly whether they want to act as reviewers and write a review for you. Sure, not everyone is a friend of this “Google reviews cold acquisition,” but you can still get reviews this way. Of course, you should be careful not to address dissatisfied customers. While negative reviews aren’t always bad, a 1-star rating pulls the average down noticeably once you have a few reviews.

If you should get negative feedback, that’s not bad at all. There will always be customers who will react negatively to this type of acquisition. Therefore, think carefully about who you can ask for a Google review.

  1. Business Cards with Google Review Link

There is the option of business cards to win over the proportion of customers who are not as internet savvy as reviewers. Print the rating link on the business card. Write a nice text and preferably a picture of the evaluation form, done.

Little trick:

If you put that crazy review link on the business card, most people will just be offended. To make things a little fancier and simpler, you can create a page from your website, like a company profile, and then forward this page to the review URL.

For example, with us:

This gives you a short, simple link directly to the review page. Easier and looks better too.

  1. QR code in store for Google reviews

QR codes are used very little, and the former “marketing hype” is increasingly in danger of being forgotten. Still, QR codes can speed up the evaluation process, especially on business cards or a mini display at the shop counter. This way, the customer can be addressed directly, and they can quickly and easily submit their evaluation to you in the shop or the practice.

  1. Give the customer an incentive to leave a review

Nobody likes to do something just like that. For most people, even clicking on a few stars is too “tiring,” let alone typing in the text box below; there is no particular reason for that. Usually, this reason is either disappointment, anger, or joy about a great product or service. But how do you get satisfied customers who don’t write a Google review?

To avoid spending too much money here, it would be possible to create an incentive, for example, in the form of a prize draw. Everyone who submits a Google review can receive free treatment or a €20 voucher (just as an example). Think of something!

Large companies also follow this strategy. The only difference here is that there is no personal contact, and most users think, “Oh dear – so many are taking part, I won’t win anyway!”

  1. Product tests or free treatments

You can also look at the principle of product tests or free treatments. For example, you can select a few people (perhaps a good mix of regular and new customers) to offer them a free service.

After the treatment or the product test, you can inform the customer in a friendly manner about your rating request. However, please do not ask for a 5-star rating; ask for a rating if they are satisfied.

7. Integrate the review link prominently on the website or newsletter

You should also prominently place the review link you created above on your website. A nice, eye-catching call-to-action button is ideal for this. Even if the customer is not offered any special incentive here, a few satisfied customers may respond to the CTA button, as I said: Every rating counts!

You should also integrate your review link in your newsletter (if available). Newsletters are still an important medium for generating reach.

8. General Google Reviews Tips

Don’t just try turning your regular customers into fans, but fans. Create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so that people continue coming to you and recommending you to their friends and families. Only then can you collect many honest and positive Google reviews.

After all the fun and many collected reviews, there will always be a dissatisfied customer and, thus, a negative rating. Be it a real or a fake review. Don’t worry; you can’t please everyone. Try to deal with it calmly and professionally.

It always looks good when reviews are answered, so take the time to reply to your customer’s reviews. Not only the negative but also the positive reviews. When potential new customers go to your reviews and see that all reviews are answered, it shows how important your customers and their opinions are to you.

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