Can you use a beach umbrella as a patio umbrella?

umbrella as a patio

In our bid to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun comfortably during the Australian summer months, we often use beach umbrellas to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays. Be it reading a book on sunbeds or relaxing after taking a dip in the sea, or simply unwinding on sun loungers, these outdoor umbrellas come to our aid by sheltering us from inclement weather — both rain and shine. 

By default, beach umbrellas feature a thick pole and pointed base designed to secure them effectively into the sand. Therefore, it might make them unsuitable to be used on your patio.

However, you can convert this heavy duty umbrella by following a few detailed steps so that it fits into the patio table in your backyard. We guide you through the process and tell you about the various aspects of these heavy duty outdoor umbrellas as well as count the benefits of converting a beach umbrella into a patio umbrella in this blog. Read on…

Dissecting beach and patio umbrellas

The beach and patio umbrellas might look similar but there are a few basic differences such as:

  • Beach umbrellas are lightweight and weigh less than patio umbrellas
  • Beach umbrellas often come with pointed and sharp anchors that can be nestled into the sand 
  • Patio umbrellas, on the other hand, have a flat bottom
  • Patio umbrellas have a pole that can easily fit into the hole of a patio table
  • The pole of a patio umbrella is thicker to prevent it from snapping or breaking 
  • Beach umbrellas provide more flexibility because it is made of mainly malleable metals like aluminium and fiberglass 

Converting a beach umbrella into a patio umbrella

These days, beach umbrellas are becoming extremely versatile with modern and upgraded designs. They feature adjustable poles and tilt and rotate adjustments to offer you more shade coverage. With such additional benefits, these outdoor umbrellas are becoming quite popular in Australian households. Even though it is not recommended, people are ditching patio umbrellas and making the most of their beach umbrellas. We guide you step-by-step on how to convert a beach umbrella into a patio umbrella:

  • Materials needed

  • Beach umbrella
  • A PVC pipe
  • A planter (preferably made of concrete or any other heavy material for stability) 
  • Dry concrete
  • Pebbles, rocks, or soil
  • Water
  • Gather your materials and prep your pipe

You must keep all the materials close to you before placing your PVC pipe in the middle of your planter. You need to ensure that the pipe is standing straight and upright.

  • Cement the pipe in place

Once you have your PVC pipe in place, you can add dry concrete to the planter and fill it halfway. Spread the concrete evenly and keep adding water when needed to let it sink in. You might see bubbles forming on the surface, but know that it is perfectly normal. You need to keep holding the pipe in its place to make sure that it stays level.

  • Let the cement dry

This process might take as many as four hours but you need to make sure that the pipe is stable and doesn’t move out of place during the drying step. If you live in a humid area, you can leave your wet mixture outside overnight.

  • Testing step

Once the cement is completely dry and your PCV pipe is stable, you can consider testing the structure by placing the heavy duty umbrella in the pipe through a table.

  • Add accessories

Give your base a unique look by filling the rest of your planter with soil, pebble and rocks.

Benefits of converting beach umbrella into a patio umbrella

It is scientifically proven that overexposure to the sun can damage our skin and eyes while serious sunburn can cause skin cancer. That’s why the fabric used in beach umbrellas is highly resistant to UV rays. Using the same heavy duty outdoor umbrella in your backyard will offer you an additional layer of protection.

Moreover, beach umbrellas are more wind-resistant because of the aluminium and fiberglass frames. This certainly makes them more stable when facing high winds. However, we must take the opportunity to warn you that if the wind speed increases, you must close or fold your umbrellas.

Beach umbrellas also come in a wide variety of colours and unique designs. So installing them can make your backyard or patio look more aesthetically beautiful and vibrant. 


Now that you understand the different aspects of a beach umbrella and how you can convert it into a patio umbrella, we want to leave you with one last thought. There are three most important things to keep in mind when you buy a beach umbrella. They are its quality, durability, and usefulness. You should not opt for poor-quality products that might get damaged easily. So try and buy from trusted brands or companies.

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