Criminal Appeal Lawyers – To Help Overturn Convictions

If you’re looking to appeal a California criminal conviction, that means you didn’t get the result you were seeking from the trial court.

Now, the appeals court is your one, last and only remaining hope for getting the conviction or the sentence reversed.

A successful appeal hinges on two factors: (1) having good “appealable issues” and (2) getting a skilled, savvy and dedicated California appellate attorney on your side.1 That’s where we come in.Visit; Appeals attorney California.

As a law firm comprised of former prosecutors and police investigators, we know how the other side thinks, the types of mistakes that they routinely make, and how to challenge the types of arguments they present.

In this article, our criminal defense lawyers explain how an appeals attorney handles a case from start to finish by addressing the following:

  1. The Consultation and Investigation

1.1. Why your attorney’s background is important

  1. Preparing the Case for Appeal
  2. Presenting the Case for Appeal

3.1. The appellant’s opening brief

3.2. Oral argument

  1. After the Appeals Court Renders Its Decision

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The Consultation and Investigation

You’ve decided to pursue an appeal. So you contact a California criminal appeals attorney.  At your initial consultation, you explain why you believe you were unfairly convicted and/or sentenced.  You explain what happened in the criminal trial court and why you believe you have a strong case.

At this point, the attorney should not only be listening attentively but should also be asking questions.  If the appellate attorney isn’t asking questions, it’s a sign that he/she either

  1. isn’t going to give your case the attention it deserves, or
  2. doesn’t believe you have legitimate grounds for appealing a California conviction.

The first possibility is a definite red flag.  You certainly don’t want an appeals attorney who isn’t going to devote a great deal of time, attention and care to your case. Appeals are always uphill battles. If your attorney isn’t ready to charge up that hill, your chances of success are very low.

As for the second possibility, it is probably (though not necessarily) too premature for the attorney to make that determination.  A skilled California appellate lawyer knows the types of issues that are ripe for appeal.  This means that even though you believe you have a valid appeal, an appeals lawyer may not.

However, an appeals lawyer is in a position to investigate your criminal case to determine if there are legal issues that could be successful on appeal.even if they’re not necessarily the issues you believed were important.

Take cues from the attorney as to whether or not he/she appears to be interested in your case.  It takes a motivated, chicago divorce lawyer to scour through the original trial court record to locate the latent (and oftentimes very subtle) issues that make for a successful appeal.

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