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When it comes to managing the business, it is 365-degree work that needs to be taken care of especially when it comes to managing customer support. Customers are the core factor for running a successful business and if they are not taken care of then there is no successful business that comes over and stands in the market. 

We all have gone through the critical years of the Covid where the importance of turning everything online became a necessity. May it be basic shopping, everything was at our fingertips. With a growing online presence, there come the customers who are contacting and want an engagement through the online platforms themselves. It is difficult to manage the whole lot of customers approaching you through different contact platforms. Well, a good customer support platform is at the rescue. Bringing certainty in customer engagement allows outgrowing the business in the best ways possible. Let us know how Desku helps in customer support in the business. 

Features and Functionalities: Making Desku stronger

One of the most important features that make Desku stronger is the one that helps business owners with the best customer support management. 

Ticket Management Service: Add your support email address

With the constant customer interaction bringing the queries, it sometimes becomes impossible to manage or reply to each query but most importantly it is important to get back to your customers. Desku’s ticket management system helps in streamlining the customer’s ticket in one through your added email address. It helps in 52% faster replying and getting back to your customers. Communicate and engage better with your customers faster and in no time. 

Instant engagement through Live Chat

The live chat helps in interacting real-time conversation with customers. Live chat helps in carrying out easy conversations. Desku’s live chat consists of the help centre and knowledge base articles in it so that they can go through the source of information before they contact any support agent of your company. With the live chat, there will be fewer tickets generated as half of the basic queries will be solved through live chat itself. 

Automation for business owners: Macros

Unify your brand voice with the power of automation. Automat the repetitive tasks and replies for sending to customers and avoid missing out on customers. Avoid repetitive tasks and deliver the brand trust with your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique and different tone according to your customer’s information. Macros help in automating the actions for carrying a smooth workflow for eCommerce business owners. 

Chatbots: Automate your chats with customers

Desku provides the no-code chatbot builder that helps business owners to set up the chatbot for faster response to customers even in absence of any support agents. It helps in collecting and generating leads and customer feedback for your services or product. Chatbot consists of the omnichannel experience to streamline the customer’s data through one platform.

Social Media Inbox integration

Desku allows the social media inbox interaction in one to streamline the customer’s request or queries in one. It helps in turning the sales interaction into sales along with the support. Get your social media in line, and answer every query of your customers coming from multiple social media. Integrate your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with Desku and simplifies everything under one roof. 

Educate your customers: Knowledge Base

Do not keep on answering repetitive questions to your customers. Make a proper Knowledge Base that consists of insightful articles, videos, images and guidance that helps customers to find their answers. The insightful knowledge base will help customers to engrave in finding the solutions without the support agent’s help and their requirement. 

Ecommerce platform and other integrations

Desku is specially designed for the eCommerce business owners that are on Shopify and Woocommerce platforms. One can easily connect their Shopify and WooCommerce store with Desku and get all the customer’s data in one and manage their queries from one. Endless integrations allow business owners to stay under one roof and manage their customer support without toggling into different tabs or software. 

Reports and analytics

The report and analytics help in bringing accuracy to the business. Get your business at glance with accurate reports and analytics. Get the key metrics on the volume of total tickets generated to the total customer interaction. Know your average response time and find ways to improve if needed. 

Conclusion: Wrapping up

Teamwork makes the dream work. The helpdesk support software brings efficiency and productivity to the support agents as well as to customers. While running a business one needs to be focused on growth consistently where managing customer is one of the factors for the growth in the business. Desku serves you everything in terms of considering customer support and management. 

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