Elevator Shoes – Do You Wish That You Were Taller

By the time we are adults, we stop growing — at least when it comes to our height! Some may say that as we age into the later portions of our life we may shrink a little.  But — once we stop growing, we are unlikely to ever get any taller without the help of surgical procedures. 

A lot of people may be content with the height that they ended up with — even if they are on the shorter side. Some people prefer being shorter! It makes blending in a little bit easier if that is what you prefer. However, some people may wish that they were taller. Whether this is because they think they will be more successful in life and romance or they think it will just make them more confident, they wish they could do something about their height. Limb-lengthening surgeries are an option, but most prefer not to go down that road. The recovery can be brutal. The great thing is, there are plenty of options to make you appear taller than you are.

Shoes are one of those many options! But — many people wanting to be taller, do not want others to notice that they are attempting to lengthen their height. So, the typical solution of platform or high-heeled shoes may not be what they are looking for. They want something a little more inconspicuous – guidomaggi elevator shoes may just be what they are looking for. 

Elevator Shoes – Do You Wish That You Were Taller

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are an inconspicuous way to make you appear taller than you naturally are. While platform boots and heels do the same, it is very obvious to outsiders that you are wearing a shoe that makes you look taller. Elevator shoes keep that a secret. 

They do so by appearing like normal height shoes on the outside. The component that adds height is the sole on the inside of the shoe. The part of the sole inside of the shoe that is at your heel is raised and thicker than the rest of the sole. This raises your heels up — adding a little height. While adding a heel is completely visible from the outside, elevating or thickening the sole on the inside of the shoe is not. 

Outside of accomplishing the base goal of increasing height, in what other ways can elevator shoes benefit you?

-It can improve your posture.

Feeling taller will not only add to your inner confidence but wearing elevator shoes can make you walk straighter and taller. Walking around with your shoulders down not only makes you look less confident, but it can also hurt your posture long-term. Having shoes that make you stand more straight and with your shoulders back helps alleviate posture issues and problems. 

-Back Pain Can Be Alleviated

While elevator shoes are not a magic cure for pain in your back, they can alleviate some of the uncomfortable pain you may feel as a result of poor posture. Improving your posture helps get rid of some backaches!

-They Can Equalize Your Stride

Many of us may not realize this, but one of our legs may not be the same length as the other. This may be minor and undetectable for most of us. However, it may cause others to have a more difficult time walking and standing. Because elevator shoes are often customized, the creator can make each sole as thick or as thin as it needs to be to even everything out.

-They Can Make You Look Slimmer

Shoes that add a little extra height can make your legs look longer. The appearance of longer legs can make you look slimmer overall!

-Confidence and Success in Multiple Areas

While there are reasons related to physical health that might make one try out elevator shoes, there are many psychological benefits as well. Some may feel more comfortable being a tad taller. Being taller makes you more noticeable and some may enjoy that. Some people may feel more attractive to potential partners if they are slightly taller. And some may feel more confident in the workplace if they are able to stand closer to eye level with their fellow employees and colleagues. All of this inward confidence that one receives from elevator shoes in multiple areas of their life can potentially lead to more success in their life and career. 

Endless Options

There are many benefits to elevator shoes. If you purchase some, you may discover benefits for yourself that are not even listed here. And not only are there numerous benefits for each individual but there are also so many different options for elevator shoes. No matter what style of shoe you typically wear or what style of shoe you are looking for, you will be able to find guidomaggi.it elevator shoes that fit a variety of occasions. Some of those include:

Formal Elevator Shoes – If you are wanting to add a little extra height and confidence into your formal wardrobe, that will not be a problem. Elevator dress shoes are an extremely common style and will make your confidence pop when you attend work and social events. 

Casual Elevator Shoes – If you are looking for an everyday elevator shoe, you can have one made for you. Whether you are looking for some casual sneakers, boots, or loafers, you will be able to find some that fit your daily needs.

Athletic Elevator Shoes – Want to stand tall while also improving your health? No problem. They make athletic elevator shoes as well. 

Guess what? They even make elevator shoes fit for the beach as well. It may be difficult to make sandals an inconspicuous elevator shoe, but fisherman sandals do the trick and let your feet breathe at the beach or whatever outdoor activity you are participating in!

Everyone could use a little extra pep in their step sometimes. Investing in something like elevator shoes for your wardrobe is one way to give you the extra push and confidence that you deserve in all areas of your life. Alleviating back pain and improving posture is just the beginning when it comes to these height-increasing shoes!

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