From stand-and-work platforms to ergonomic standing desks; we’ve surely come a long way. Perspective

Flipping through the history pages reveals that we are definitely not the first ones to use a standing desk. It was in vogue much before we could imagine. The stand-and-work approach was very much appreciated by icons such as Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Friedrich Nietzsche and Lewis Carroll. They used stand-and-work platforms to showcase their genius to the world. However, the concept of ergonomics was yet to incubate back then, and it’s easy to discern that their stand-and-work platforms were far different from the standing desks that we use today. 

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Nevertheless, it doesn’t undermine the role of a standing desk, or to be more accurate, the excellence of the stand-and-work approach. In tune with this philosophy, the ergonomic standing desks that we use today have taken the stand-and-work technique to a higher level. And it continues to evolve. Also, you can prefer glass partitions which is a fantastic idea to make your office more unique and attractive.

Today, we have height-adjustable standing desks that can be operated electrically. Moreover, the bamboo variant of the standing desk, which is now becoming a sensation, is eco-friendly as well. In this post, we’ll talk about the five major benefits of using a standing desk.

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5 benefits of a standing desk

You get the ideal posture

What is an ideal posture by the way? Well, it’s that ‘S’ shaped position of the spine which has been prescribed by nature. It has also been recommended by orthopaedists and physios. However, this spinal position gets distorted when we use un-ergonomic chairs while working. It results in a slouch. But a height-adjustable standing desk fixes this spinal misalignment by allowing you to work on the most suitable heights. Nowadays, standing desks facilitate height-adjustment through electric memory units which memorise preset heights. So, you get the ideal posture without any effort.

You get a strengthened back

People who used stand-and-work platforms in the early 20th Century might have never faced backpains. But when we adopted a sedentary working style, backpains became our nagging companions. Scores of working professionals have succumbed to back tension. However, when the ergonomic standing desk became a trend in offices, backpains began to diminish. That’s because a standing desk supports the lower back (lumbar) in such a way that your back muscles get stronger with each passing day. This is the second major advantage of using a standing desk.

You don’t fall prey to obesity and the related ailments

You must have heard the iconic phrase that ‘sitting is the new cancer’. As apocalyptic as it sounds, it’s equally true. Sedentary workers are prone to obesity and the associated ailments such as diabetes, cardiac problems, stroke, and hypertension. But when you use standing desks, the continual stand-and-work ensures that the calories remain under control. Secondly, you are also safeguarded from life-threatening ailments as well. Gladly, it has a positive impact on the mood, confidence, and productivity as well. 

You’re able to make your workplace visually appealing

Standing desks exemplify the concept of ‘less is more’ and are known for their minimalism. This is a very popular concept among today’s interior designers, architects, and aesthetes. Standing desks are available in themes such as off-white, grey, and white with metallic legs that are usually black or grey. Therefore, the addition of standing desks to your workplace infuses a soothing element to the ambience. It’s very vitalising for the mood, confidence, and productivity.

You’re able to save and earn rich dividends on your investment

There’s a general feeling that standing desks are too expensive to be invested in. But you should rather see them from a different perspective. Once you do, you’ll realise that standing desks are instrumental in savings on medical bills and furniture replacement costs. And that means a sustained return-on-investment (ROI). Aren’t savings essential for any working professional and a company? If you invest in standing desks, you’ll see the savings and ROI yourself.


Standing desks have surely evolved with time, and we must never forsake them.

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