With technology advancing with each passing day and social media at our fingertips, not posting daily updates from our daily lives is nearly unimaginable. Even the thought of not going online even for a single day on Facebook, Instagram, and Ticktock seems a little off. But as strange as it may sound, the truth is that posting too much on your social media account can prove detrimental to your car accident claim.  In this blog, we will learn more about the ways it can affect your claim. 

To be fair, it’s understandable that it’s hard to avoid posting at a time when you are probably bedridden and your entire life and world have come to a sudden halt. Our advice would be to be wary of the fact that just like everything has a con, so does social media. It’s thus imperative to be cautious about what you post online. 

Don’t let strangers have access:

One of the ways you can stop insurance companies from using your posts against you is by making your account private. Let’s look at an example of what might happen. Suppose you got injured in a car accident, and you’re about to make a full recovery when you decide to hang out with your friends in an outdoor gaming area. It could be that you did not even participate in the game, but you being there and posting about it online can hamper your claim. The insurance company can twist the entire thing in a way to show that you were participating in activities that resulted in your injuries. 

Do not talk to strangers online:

At least not until the lawsuit is over. You need to understand that just making the account private won’t solve the issue, and they can still catfish and infiltrate your account in the guise of someone known. The insurance companies may sometimes send you a friend request and use the ruse of getting to know you. But you should know better. It’s best not to engage with anyone regarding your injuries or status. 

Final thoughts:

Note that these insurance companies have a number of tricks up their sleeve that they can employ to avoid paying you by dismissing your claims. You must not give them that opportunity by hiring a seasoned lawyer. A lawyer will safeguard you and your interests. 

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