How Can You Crack the SAT? Know All About It Here

SAT refers to the Scholastic Assessment Test and is taken by those students who wish to study in the United States and Canada. The exam is conducted by the College Board for students who wish to be admitted to undergraduate courses. It examines the students on three broad parameters: verbal skills, writing skills, and mathematical skills. It was first conducted in the year 1926 and has been a constant ever since.

  • Understand What the Exam is

The first step towards your journey should be to attend workshops of two to three coaching institutes about what SAT actually is. This will help you understand the exam better. The exam is not just about writing a paper. It involved understanding the eligibility criteria, the preparation strategy, the expenses involved and other things. You meet other aspirants at such workshops. This can help you find a study buddy with whom you can prepare. In other cases, you may find a competition. This will also help you assess where you stand as compared to others. It is important and beneficial to know what your competition looks like.

  • Start with A Test

The College Board released practice mocks for SAT prep each year. The day you decide that you wish to take the exam, search for a mock paper online and write the test. This advice seems unusual, right? But it will prove to be helpful. Let us establish the fact right at the outset that the skills tested in the exam are rudimentary and the syllabus shall be high-school and college-level. Hence, if you start your prep with a mock test, you will have a clear picture of what section needs more attention at your end. For example, if you were able to do the mathematics part easily but could not comprehend the passages, you will know comprehension needs more attention while prepping. For best results, take 2 practice tests and analyze the result with efficiency.

  • Coaching

SAT preparation in India can be extremely diverse depending on the needs of the students. Coaching institutes provide a vast pool of resources from regular classes, foundational courses, and crash courses to just mock tests and preparation material. Taking a test in this context becomes all the more sensible. Based on your assessment, you will be in a better position to come to a conclusion about the kind of course you need to enroll in. regular classes are required for people are lag behind by a huge margin and or understand very little about the exam. Crash courses are meant for last time preparations. 

  • Regular Practice of All Three Portions

Attending regular classes will keep you in practice of the exam. The exam tests  applicants on three skills: reading, writing and language, and mathematics.  Coaching classes are a great way to keep your practice updated. However, all three areas need some attention apart from coaching classes too. The base for mathematics needs to be built over years. Most of the topics are part of Indian high-school teaching. Hence, students must take their classroom teaching seriously and do as many sums as possible. Pay special attention to algebra, geometry and measurement, number and operation, data analysis, statistics, and probability.

The best recommendation would be to start reading newspapers in order to improve your understanding, reading, and writing abilities. If reading newspapers seems overwhelming at first, try starting with a book or novel in the subject matter you are interested in. After that, get on a newspaper. The majority of English news publications publish lengthy, well-written editorials. Also, it is suggested that you create a separate notebook in which to record new vocabulary. Check the articles’ paragraphs for consistency and tone.

You must practice writing on your own too if you want to get better at the writing section. In the writing segment, there are two different types of questions. The first aims to develop the given idea. Here, the examiner’s main priorities include structuring sentences, creating introductions and conclusions, and emphasizing accuracy and specifics. The second section is devoted to common English resolutions. You will need to find and fix language accuracy issues. You will also pay close attention to punctuation. For the fullest understanding of these topics, you must enroll in SAT prep courses, after which you must complete sample practice questions.

  • Practice Tests

The best way to ace any exam is to complete as many sample papers, tests, and mock exams as time and resources permit. But first, you need to have a solid understanding of the numerous ideas included in the exam. After you have finished a topic, you can take sectional tests. Once all the topics have been studied, you can go on to mock tests and previous year’s papers. Moreover, the College Board makes SAT practise tests available. At all costs, make sure you complete them.


Hardwork and consistency are the keys to any exam in life. Patience is required too. Sometimes your mocks might not go as required. Have faith in yourself. And yes, make sure to take proper breaks and intervals. Break is as important as hardwork. Your mind needs rest too. Do not saturate your mind.

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