How is a Contemporary Earring Different from Indian Jhumka’s? 5 Differences to Know

Jhumkas are an ageless jewel, and an Indian woman’s trousseau of jewellery is incomplete without exquisite jhumkas. Jhumka is a traditional design that is shaped like bells. The design has dangling elements with different embellishments.

The name Jhumka was chosen to represent the timeless beauty of Indian jewelry that emerged in ancient times and has managed to withstand and cross cultures from East to West. 

Nowadays, along with the Indian Jhumka, the contemporary style of earrings has become popular among the women. Contemporary earrings refer to those earrings which are mix of traditional and modern art which reflects the culture of the present time. Let’s look at the differences between the traditional jhumka and contemporary earrings through the following points:

  1. Contemporary earrings are earrings with a modern design that may be worn for a long period. While the Indian Jhumka is considered as a traditional earring.

      2. When we think of an Indian Jhumka we usually imagine a stud with a hanging jeweled dome. On the other hand, the contemporary earrings are made up of different shapes and styles.

  1. Traditionally, Indian Jhumkas were made from precious stones and gold and therefore, used to be very heavy. Nowadays the contemporary earrings are made from different materials such as brass alloy, gold and CZ stones which makes them lighter compared to the Indian Jhumka’s.
  1. The new contemporary earrings have become popular among Indian women because they can be paired up with all the dresses be they a formal business dress or the ethnic wear and thus can be worn on any occasion like a wedding, business meeting or casual party. But, the Indian Jhumka can be carried only with the ethnic dresses and thus can be best suited for the wedding and traditional functions.

       5. Most contemporary earring styles derive from classic one such as the fusion of diamond with floral patterns. And this keeps changing with time and you can see a new style every weekend of a contemporary earring. On the other side, the Indian jhumka follows the same pattern of stud and the hanging bell.

Here are some of the Contemporary earrings from Tarinika that you might like.

      1. Jalaja Lotus Pearl Dangle Earring

These beautiful earrings are inspired by lotus and pearls from the ocean. It has a combination of Lotus motif, hand painted enamel and pearl chain which gives it a classic look. These are appropriate earrings for any type of function and festival.

     2. Blooming Petals Drop Earrings

The blooming petals drop contemporary earrings are a product from the Fleur collection of Tarinika which is beautifully designed with floral and leaf patterns and enamel plating. These contemporary drop earrings will look beautiful with any type of outfit. 

      3. Maissa Delicate Earrings

The Maissa Delicate Earrings are a lightweight contemporary earring designed for the daily use of women. The line pattern of this earring gives it a simple, classy and vintage look.

      4. Hibiscus Stud Earrings

This floral Hibiscus stud earring is a cute little contemporary earring available in Tarinika. The gold plating and silver CZ stones embedded in this earring make a perfect combination that ultimately gives the earring a lavish look. This earring will definitely look classy with all your outfits and will make your look more beautiful.

       5. Zosia Greek Earrings

The Zosia Greek earrings by Tarinika are beautiful and small earrings you can wear for casual outings and meetings. As the name suggests, these are inspired by Greek culture and has a floral pattern occupied with gold plating, CZ stones and pearls to give you a gorgeous look.

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