How Shift Care Apps Give Workers More Control Over Their Schedules

One of the most contentious labour practices in a number of industries, such as call centres, healthcare, hospitality and retail, is schedules that force employees to work a variety of different shifts every week. Workers seldom have any kind of control over those shifts and will only receive three days notice as to what the schedule will be the following week. 

Such unpredictable and volatile scheduling can cause chaos for personal responsibilities for workers such as childcare and school classes, as well as making it near impossible for those only working part-time to hold down other jobs. These fluctuating schedules also mean that the incomes of workers can also be unpredictable. 

However this situation could finally be changing, with legislation to stabilise schedules being passed in a number of cities in the United States and the idea is catching on, but it is shift apps that may finally be giving workers more control over their schedules. 

Shift care apps and managers

Rostering involves a lot of different considerations including making sure that everyone is scheduled for the right number of hours and taking into account the availability and preferences of employees. 

A shift care app benefits managers and employees alike. For managers they allow them to get a view of the big picture and to roster the right workers for the right jobs. Shift care apps allow managers to check qualifications and certifications in addition to making sure all members of staff get rostered on for a reasonable amount of hours. 

Some apps even enable teams to be scheduled for recurring shifts, so that if a roster is highly satisfactory it does not have to be redone from scratch every week. There will also be no need to manually check that employees have actually confirmed their shifts as this is all done automatically with the app. 

Shift care apps and employees

Workers require different things from a shift care app than managers but they can help them to see precisely what they need for the successful execution of their work duties. Shift details can be shared instantaneously and be continually updated so start times no longer have to be emailed out. Team members can be notified of any last minute changes via SMS. 

The use of shift care apps also means that workers will actually be able to block off times that they are not available. This is a win-win for workers and managers alike as it means that managers do not have a constant struggle over availability and workers get a better work/life balance. 

Verified time, attendance and expenses

Rosters with clocking in and out data provides employees with all the information for the smooth running of their business. Team members can use the app to check in and out as well as upload expenses receipts, making it easy to verify expenses and double check shift times. Location-based verification provides peace of mind as to the accuracy of time and attendance records. 

Shift care apps are a growing trend that give workers more control over their schedules and makes it easier for managers to have a broad overview of their operation.

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