How To Edit a PDF

PDFs provide an efficient way to manipulate the workload of paper filing and manual records keeping. It’s no surprise that organizations have made an effort to go digital, and it has improved activities that involve sharing of documents.

Going a step further, PDF editors have helped organizations step up their game with paperless operations. So if you are looking to keep up with workplace trends in 2022, you should learn how to edit a PDF, make PDF forms, and turn your conventional PDFs into fillable forms. 

This guide will teach you to get the most out of PDF tools while editing documents.

Five ways to edit a document

PDFs have come to stay as one of the primary formats for people to store and share information. So, you should know how to retrieve and edit PDF documents in different operations.

How to change or add text

When you want to edit the texts in your PDF document, a PDF tool allows you to add more characters or completely change the already-existing texts.

The editor isolates each text block, and adding more characters does not change the position of text blocks unless you want it that way. So to change or add text, take the following steps:

  • Open or upload the document on the PDF editor.
  • Select “Tools”.
  • Click on “Edit PDF”. The dotted lines indicate that you can successfully edit that area in the document. 
  • Choose the areas to change or add a text head to edit the document by typing, deleting, managing bullets, changing font settings, etc.

How to convert PDF files

Sometimes, your document format may not suit certain activities, like being stuck with a zip file instead of an HTML file when trying to inspect a web page. PDF editors can help you convert these files to their appropriate formats.

  • Open the document in the PDF editor.
  • Select “Edit”.
  • Go to “Preferences” and select “PDF conversion”.
  • Choose your desired format.
  • Select “Edit Settings”.
  • Choose the settings you want.
  • Save the document.

PDF editors with conversion features let you change PDF documents to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and vice versa. You can also change the conversion settings by manipulating your preference box.

How to compress PDF files

The beautiful thing about using a PDF editor to compress files is that it still retains the original quality even after reducing the document’s size.

Here is how to compress PDF files:

  • Open your PDF editor.
  • Check tools, and select “PDF Compressor”.
  • Upload the file there.

After uploading, the PDF editor will automatically reduce the file size. You can compress the file as much as you need. After the compression, download the reduced file to your PC.

How to protect PDF files

Protecting your document is necessary when working on confidential documents. You can set your permissions so people cannot edit, comment, or print your PDF. This way, third parties only have viewing rights at best, unless you prefer otherwise.

There are two types of PDF passwords: the user password and the permissions password.

User password

You can refer to the user password as a “Document Open” password. It locks the PDF and only grants access to people who have its password.

Take the following steps to use the “Document Open” password to protect your PDFs:

  • Open the document using your PDF editor.
  • Click on “Tools”.
  • Select “Protect”.
  • Click on “Password”.
  • If you receive a prompt, select “Yes” to proceed to the security settings and create your unique password.

Permissions password

Like the master key, you can also call a permission password a “master password.” You can open and view the document but need the password to edit, print, copy, or comment on the PDF.

This permission method is similar to how you edit PDF in Google Docs.

  • Open your file in the PDF editor.
  • Go to “Tools”.
  • Check ”Permissions” or ”Share With”.
  • Add the details of the recipient you want to share the file with.
  • Select “Restriction” (editor, commentator, viewer).
  • Choose to save or send the document.

With these steps, your files are safe, and you don’t need to worry about others tampering with your document.

How to share PDF files

Whether you want to send the files by links, or email attachments, PDF files have got you covered.

You can even have everyone comment on the file in real-time without fearing any loss of information.

Here is how to share your files on PDF:

  • Open the document in the PDF editor.
  • Input the recipient’s email address.
  • Set the permission level.
  • Save and send.

Three PDF editing tools

So far, you have seen the different ways to edit PDFs. But, how do you know the exact tools that can give you what you need? Try these three PDF tools that thousands of users have recommended to simplify your PDF editing process.

Lumin PDF

The Lumin PDF tool lets you mark up, annotate, fill PDF form online, and change your PDF document in ways you didn’t think was possible. This fantastic PDF tool even works with Google Drive as a Google Drive PDF editor

With its demo account, you can enjoy these services by testing them out to see if they suit your needs.

This tool is user-friendly, syncs in real-time to save your files automatically to the cloud, and allows collaboration across several devices. With its cross-platform, signature, and Google Classroom integration features, Lumin PDF lets you edit PDF online Google Docs.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader, a mainstream PDF editor, keeps getting better like fine wine. With this Adobe product, you can view, e-sign, convert, collaborate, convert, convert, annotate using sticky notes, and even add passwords to your document.

The developers of Adobe Acrobat Reader understand the needs of its customers and ensure that they get only the best. 

You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader as a PDF form creator, which is simple, thanks to its blank PDF template options. Alternatively, you can search for a PDF template download it, or customize PDF invitation templates free online.

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF lets you edit PDF documents quicker than most other PDF tools. Currently, Nitro’s affordability makes it a fan-favorite, especially among students.

By using Nitro, you get the opportunity to create, convert, compress, and make general-purpose edits to your documents.

You can also edit PDF Google Drive android documents and customize PDF templates using the software. Its interface is pretty simple, so creating fillable PDF Google Docs is straightforward.


Reliable PDF tools like the three analyzed in this article have ensured that PDF documents are no longer as challenging to tweak as they used to be.

So you should know how to edit PDF documents, add texts, convert, compress, protect, and create a PDF fillable form. Editing a PDF can even help you save time by customizing a PDF template that you can work with.

By following the tips in this article, editing PDFs will be a walk in a park.

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