How to Growth-Hack Your Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram Followers

Growing an Instagram account is not a small fry. However, it is not impossible either. So, speaking of growth, here’s a secret: keep your existing followers engaged.

Having a considerable Instagram follower base will not help you if they are not engaging with your posts. So then everything boils down to only one thing: high engagement, as anyone can buy bots to inflate the number of followers artificially.

Over the years, Instagram has evolved a lot. Its algorithm is smart enough to catch bots that may have implications on your account; moreover, it prioritizes posts based on the level of engagement. So if people have actively participated in your content, left comments, queries, etc., and it doesn’t appear ghostly, the algorithm considers it genuine.

Before investing in Instagram followers, make sure that you are dealing with an authentic growth provider. Given underneath is a rundown on a few hacks that can help you grow your Instagram account in the year 2022.

Instagram Growth Hacks to Build Your Follower base

#1. Buy Instagram Followers

The followers’ count you have on your Instagram account speaks volumes of your success. Over 1 billion users worldwide have entrusted Instagram for promoting their brand and made it a handsome source of earning. While gaining followers organically on Instagram may take a considerable time, buying followers can expedite your success. When you buy Instagram followers for cheap, you increase your possibility of garnering more followers and visibility on social media platforms and get from this link.

Buy followers on Instagram through credible social media service providers to grow your account as they provide real humans who actively participate in your post and increase your engagement rate. The more the engagement rate, the more people will know you and your brand. A good way of retaining your existing followers is to see your account growing their trust in your brand will also grow more.

#2. Make the most of Instagram stories

Over 500+ million users watch Instagram Stories every day, which is half of Instagram’s total number of followers! Isn’t that compelling data? These quick and intimate snapshots of your life can bring you a lot of traction on your account. Share snippets like products in the making, upcoming products, and behind-the-scenes insights that leave the followers pondering and expecting more to happen on your Instagram account.

Make the best use of the Instagram stickers that allow users to engage with your Insta stories. Run a Q & A session, quizzes, emoji slides, ask your followers to DM you, answer their burning questions.

Running a Q&A is the best thing to do as it allows you directly interact with your followers; it could require a lot of effort at your end, though, but the outcome will be excellent! The Q&A can be woven around your brand, for instance: ” Ask us Anything, “What’s your favorite hot summer dish,” ” Who’s your favorite actor,” “what do you like the most about our products,” ” Which is your favorite brand,” etc. are all good examples. These are the clean questions to keep your followers engaged.

Running countdown stickers for your upcoming launch is a good way of gaining your followers’ attention. Sharing other brands’ stories and engaging in their content is another strategy to make your presence known on Instagram.

Create highly intriguing content and use location tags, relevant and highly trending hashtags to reach out to those who have not been following you.

#3. Slap your content on the IGTV channel or Reels

Instagram prioritizes the content based on engagement. Given the neck-to-neck competition with TikTok, Instagram introduced Reels that allowed users to create and share concise and yet exciting content with their followers. In addition, IGTV and live-stream notifications pop up on users’ screens, tempting them to view it instantly, and are highly trending.

IGTV or Reels increases your chances of reaching a larger audience by featuring your clips on the Discover page.

Additionally, IGTV doesn’t limit you to making 15 seconds videos; you can create hour-long clips as well. IGTV videos remain on your channel for a more extended period, unlike Instagram Stories. Followers can subscribe to your channel and can be notified of upcoming videos.

#4. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers can give you good exposure as their followers will also get attracted to your channel. Look for micro-influencers with about 50,000 followers, as big brands will charge you a hefty amount of money to promote your product on their channel. Collaborate for a deal like the product-for post to boost your account. Moreover, the micro-influencers have a committed pool of genuine followers who won’t disappear overnight.

Follow the steps given below to find micro-influencers in your niche:

Look for trending hashtags in your niche. Then go right on top of the content to see the brands that you can collaborate with.

Notice the posts you are tagged in as some of the content influencers may have already shared your posts. So take the total leverage of what you have got in your hands.

Consider the recommended accounts as these may have similar business as yours.

DM the relevant influencers to establish a quick communication channel rather than calling or emailing them. This way, they can quickly go through your Instagram page and respond to you back if they align with your brand.

Instead of paying, you can mutually agree to share each other’s posts on your respective Instagram accounts to promote their brand and, in return, get yours too promoted. You may also send a free product to your influencers.

#5. Remodel Instagram videos for YouTube

Upload your Instagram videos to YouTube and then link them to and publicize your Instagram account. Now IGTV endorses horizontal video, so you can take content from your YouTube channel and effortlessly upload it to IGTV.

Collaborate with interrelated brands, particularly those in identical business as yours but are not direct competitors. For example, the PopSugar Fitness Youtube channel has shared and featured content from the fitness app Sweat. Both the brands are in the fitness realm but not in immediate rivalry with each other. Last but not least, you should focus on your Instagram profile now and then. Find ways to add prominent icons on the website to get visitors to click on your Instagram account. Your social channel on all the platforms from email to YouTube and the homepage.

#6. Engage with different other Instagram accounts

You have to provide engagement to get similar actions. Therefore, the relationship is a significant element of the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram looks at things such as which posts you appreciate and what are the stories you watch frequently. The more enthusiastically you acknowledge others’ content, the more chances you can display in folk’s feeds.

A keynote to all: Instagram has been cracking down on the accounts, which use third-party apps to comment, like and follow. Do these activities manually to keep things accurate.

Take some time to respond to all DM’s, shares, and comments. Respond to all the interactions, even if it’s only mentioning “Thank you” if your follower takes time to comment. Typically, people like to interact with the brand if they are rewarded with recognition.

The Bottom Line

The best growth hack for your Instagram account is to buy Instagram followers, which will accelerate your visibility and popularity quickly and significantly. Other hacks also help boost your social media account, such as running Instagram Stories, stickers, asking questions, IGTV or Instagram Reels, collaborating with micro-influencers, and many more!

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