How to Write an Essay in 3 Simple Steps

“How do I write my college essay quickly?” — that’s the question many students ask themselves as soon as they enroll in college. There are official guidelines and even academic books with instructions on writing essays. We have gathered the essential materials and offer you simple steps to accomplish this assignment.

Three Main Steps of Writing Essays

We can divide the whole writing process into three crucial milestones.

  • Planning and preparations. In this stage, students either elaborate on a given topic or come up with an idea of their own. They have to do research, come up with a thesis, complete an outline, arrange a reference list, and come up with arguments and evidence;
  • Actual writing. At this stage, a student presents a thesis in the introductions and continues to the main body, offering the main arguments, supporting them with evidence, and summing everything up in conclusion;
  • Proofreading and editing. At the last stage, a student has to revise an essay to make sure the material is presented coherently and logically. Moreover, they have to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Step 1

During the preparation and planning stage, you have to make sure you understand the task clearly and read through the requirements carefully. Take into account the size of an essay, its goal, and whether you have to approve something with your professor. If the topic is set, you have to check if you understand it right. In case you need to develop your own ideas, try to choose something you are interested in and have some knowledge about it.

When conducting your research, you have to stick to reliable and trustworthy sources. There is even a special Google search for students that offers reputable academic sources. You should take notes while reading through the materials. That’s how you form evidence for your arguments.

After thorough research, you have to form a thesis statement — the main idea of your essay which you carry throughout your text. Afterward, you compile a plan or an outline. It will be a roadmap for your work. Make sure you list your arguments and evidence in short.

Step 2

With all the preparation work done, you just have to extend your outline, following the structure. The introduction must be around 20% of your essay. It must catch the readers’ attention and explain to them the background of your topic. The last sentence of your introduction must be the thesis statement.

The main part of a college sentence presents your ideas, supported with evidence and illustrations, organized in paragraphs. One paragraph must include just one idea. You start it with a topic sentence, followed by evidence in the form of gathered data, quotes, personal stories. Make sure you use linking and transition words to guide readers through your essay.

A conclusion sums up your thesis and ideas and must not present new facts. Finish your essay with an impactful sentence.

Step 3

Proofreading and editing is a crucial stage in writing a college essay. You can use various online services to proofread and eliminate all the mistakes. You also have to pay special attention to the citation and a list of references in your essay. Make sure you stick to the required style — MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. e

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