Huawei: An Infamous Tech Giant?

The Huawei promotion strategy has always been a little unique as compared to the other tech companies. Huawei produces all sorts of tech and appliances. But, it is pretty evident that Huawei apparently does not have a strong market in many countries. As a result, it hampers the brand profits and affects the company as a whole.

Huawei has been around for a long time now, and the company always tries to do things differently to attract new possible markets.

This article will talk about the company, why it does not have a significant market, and specific Huawei promotion strategies.


Huawei Technologies Co. is a Chinese technology MNC with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. It designs and sells telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, and various smart devices.

Ren Zhengfei founded the corporation in 1987. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing phone switches, Huawei has expanded its business to incorporate.

Furthermore, it overtook Ericsson in 2012 as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and surpassed Apple in 2018 as the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones, behind Samsung. 

Company’s recent performance

By 2018, Huawei had sold 200 million smartphones. They reported solid consumer demand for smartphones helped the corporation reach consumer sales of more than $52 billion in 2018.

By the second quarter of 2020, Huawei became the world’s top smartphone seller, overtaking Samsung for the first time.


Huawei is known for its appliances for a very long time. The company started producing phones in 2006 and has not stopped since. Along with the phones, Huawei makes many other devices for the public.


Their portfolio of phones includes both high-end smartphones, its Huawei Mate series and Huawei P series, and cheaper handsets that fall into its Honor brand.


In 2016, Huawei entered the laptop markets with the release of its Huawei MateBook series of laptops. Moreover, they continued to release laptop models during 2020, with their most up-to-date models being the MateBook X Pro and Matebook 13 2020.

Why Is The Market Less?

For years, Huawei has had the most influential market in its parent country, China. Even though the products offer a high range of features at a considerably low price, Huawei has not been able to expand the market as much. The main reason for this is that Huawei allegedly has holes in the security of its devices. The Chinese use these holes to spy and steal information of the individuals using the devices. Although Huawei has denied all such claims, its market in a lot of countries has taken a significant hit. Countries like the USA, Europe, India, etc., have very little demand for Huawei products due to these allegations.

Measures By Huawei

Even with these allegations, Huawei is still rolling out all other sorts of tech into the digital market in an attempt to establish a market in other countries.

Huawei has made products like the Freebuds Lipstick, their high-spec low-price devices. All these products are very intriguing due to the availability of the features at a commendable price.

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