Importance of Physical Education in Students

Our physical health is the most important treasure to us. We can conquer anything in this world if we are fit, healthy and have a sound mind. In students’ lives the importance of health is too much. If we talk about the academic life of students then parents and teachers often focus on good grades only and forget that good grades can be earned by students only when they have good health. Good health and a sound mind makes students take interest in learning and studying and bringing good grades too but elders are just busy in squeezing their expectations out of the child. Although traditional learning has shifted to online education even then students need to manage their physical health just like LMS manages their online education. Online learning is managed at 360-degree level with the help of LMS (Learning Management System). The same way students need to manage their health also. With so much on their plate students also need to keep their head cool and sound. So, let’s see some positive effects and important points which prove that physical education is very important for students in their academic life.

  • When it comes to a child’s interest and likeness it becomes a really hard task to make students or children stay focused on any thing whether study or sport. Research has proven that those students who are interested and regularly practice athletic and sports and have good interest in good health have a very good focus level and deep concentration in studies also. Having a sporty nature makes students destress properly due to which they are able to concentrate on their learning and studies properly.
  • Dieting is a very important part of student life hence it is very necessary for students to keep their meals under control however these days vice versa is happening. Children are getting addicted to junk and fast food a lot from a very small age. Which increases cholesterol level along with weight gain and many more health issues. Hence it is necessary for the students to keep their meal healthy and balanced. Take sprouts for breakfast with a glass of milk and they should take pulses and green vegetables also in their proper lunch and dinner. Most importantly they should have seasonal fruits also. fruit juices containing vitamin c and other vitamins and minerals too.
  • Many times it is seen that students ignore their sleep-in order to prepare for the exams or study. Mostly this habit is seen in those students who are obsessed with learning and reading books but this is the wrong method to study or to learn this makes students insomniac. Hence it is necessary for the students to take 6-8 hours of sound sleep so that their mind and body can recharge itself and get the proper amount of rest which is much needed.
  • These days students are under too much stress like they have to prepare at home also and study online also and they have to complete various assignments also, for which they have to research work for hours on the internet and they have to suffer sometimes grave stress when they have to complete such tasks along with preparation of exams too. Such pressure often creates heavy stress and anxiety among students. Under physical education it is taught to students to go through such physical exercises which releases stress and destress the mind and heart too. Such physical activities also change scenarios from hectic learning mode to light and jolly activities.
  • Pressure of earning good grades and earning the first position is not the only pressure today’s children and students are going through. These days students have to go through expectations of parents and tutors too and this pressure pushes students towards anxiety and depression. Sometimes if these dreams don’t get fulfilled then students have to suffer mental breakdown. Physical activities and sports are those methods through which students can keep themselves from such mental disorders far away and can cope up with failures too.

Many games are there which are based on team work only and in such games students and children also get to play the role of leader of their team. So, these kinds of games, when participated by students and played well, give a motivation to the students to play these two roles- team membership and leadership in a proper way and win the trust of people around them. such games also include motivational quotes for the students and those motivational quotes for students keep inspiring students to fight and achieve their goals at any cost.

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