Is The Viomi Alpha(S9) Self Vacuum Cleaner Worth Buying?

Is The Viomi Alpha(S9) Self Vacuum Cleaner Worth Buying?

When it comes to finding the best robovac, Viomi Alpha(S9) emerges as one of the potential candidates. Known for its self-emptying abilityViomi Alpha(S9) vacuum cleaner works with a clip-on sweeper plate/robocop and the charge/docking station to eliminate all the waste it collects from the home. 

Given the price, its auto-dumping feature is quite impressive but might not be a suitable choice for everyone. Although it has a 3-litre disposable dust bag, some people might still not appreciate the idea of leaving everything on the robovac and robocop. How would the company deal with such thoughts? Let’s find the answer:

About the Company 

Xiaomi, a Chinese public company, is the strategic partner & shareholder, and Viomi is its division of the ‘mi HOME ecosystem.’ This ecosystem comprises smart items- namely water dispensers, speakersvacuum cleaners, water purifiers, fans, gas and electric water heaters, dishwashers, switches, range hoods, refrigerators, water processors, mirrors and many more. 

About Viomi Alpha(S9) Vacuum Cleaner 

Necessary Home PrepsDespite having a Gen 3 IR and LiDAR sensor, this self-vacuum cleaner can only create a 2D map. However, Viomi Alpha(S9) relies more upon IR for real-time obstacle avoidance. This is why you still have to do some home preparations to keep it safe from overhanging wires. 

Is The Viomi Alpha(S9) Self Vacuum Cleaner Worth Buying?

  • Auto Dirt Disposal

Viomi Alpha(S9) prides itself for being capable of absorbing dirt and debris into a huge dust bag. It gives up to 30 days of hands-free cleaning experience as it has an auto dumping station with the capacity to hold a 3L dust bag. Once it’s full, the machine will notify the system for cleaning. 

  • 3-in-1 Cleaning Process

Equipped with a hybrid tank- 1 water tank of 250 ml and two dust bags (300ml each)- and a controlled water pump, you rest assured of making the right water use, without any water damage and leakage. Thanks to its Y-type AI smart algorithm, the robovac can perform all three steps- sweeping, vacuuming and mopping at a time. 

  • LDS Laser Mapping and Routing

Working on the 2.0 LDS laser sensors, this self vacuum cleaner perfectly justifies its full coverage and high intelligence. Its 360°0 scanning and mapping ensures multi-floor analysis followed by quick restoration of the layout, if it shuts down in the mid of work. Moreover, its auto-schedule cleaning promises 100% accuracy and smart navigation with anti-collision, wall, and anti-drop sensors. 

  • Strong 2700Pa Suction System 

Although the manufacturer claims that its suction pressure is 2700Pa, powered by a Japanese Nidec brushless silent motor, you will still get 2500Pa on medium and 2000Pa on standard settings. 

When tested, its standard mode turned out to be 7593.3% efficient in removing dirt, whereas, carpet cleaning wasn’t up to the markon low-pile carpet. Testers reported that it only took out 2066.6%% of waste pet hair and left 8033.4% as it was. When the settings were changed to medium for hardwood, the results were increased to 8094.3% efficiency. It collected more waste on the sisal carpet, while the strong mode left 50% detritus as it is. 

3-Water Level Mopping Efficiency

With three water levels and a static drag plate, you can rest assured about getting a clean floor. Static plates are provided with a wet micro-fibre cloth that can mop any surface effortlessly. You can rely on this self-vacuum cleaner’s performance without giving it a second thought. 

However,Moreover, be sure that it will notcan remove food, coffee, milk or juice stains due to the absence of elbow greaseY-mode deep cleaning. You can easily figure out the right water level- whether it’s too low or too high and leaves moisture or dry streaks on the floor. 

  • Smart Home Connectivity

Viomi Alpha(S9) works with the Xiaomi Mi Home application, where you can create cleaning schedules, virtual walls, No-Go zones, etc., to direct your robovac remotely. It also comes with voice command support through Google Home/ Assist, thereby eliminating your hands’ involvement if they are busy somewhere else.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Comes with the performance-oriented Gen 3 robovac
  • Self-emptying works incredibly well
  • Easy to maintain
  • The app is hard to use, especially to set no-mop and no-go zones
  • Takes up a lot of dock floor space

Wrapping Up

By the end of this review, we have concluded that Viomi’s Alpha(S9) is a fairly good selection for a simple household. It is perfect for people looking for a reasonable cleaning assistant, so they don’t have to dedicate a certain time slot to clean their spaces. However, you still have to evaluate it on the basis of your requirements before proceeding with the purchase. 

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