Mobile Pvt N/W wins with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

Mobile Pvt N/W wins

The communication service providers (CSPs) are taking advantage of mobile private network (MPN) business – deployment of 5G or LTE MPN gaining high demand across the telecom sector amid stiff competition. Therefore, several businesses such as equipment vendors, systems integrators, consulting enterprises, and public network operators are involved in building 5G mobile private networks/MPNs, including equipment vendors, systems integrators, and enterprises using private networks.  So, now let us see How Mobile private network deployment growth along with Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester brings wins for telcos.

The manufacturing industry is the number one for actively developing and managing 5G or LTE MPNs among all the largest numbers of industry verticals. According to Tmforum, the revenue from 5G MPNs alone is to grow to $1 Billion expected by the research group Delloro, and by 2025.

Several businesses/enterprises are more attracted to Mobile Private Networks (MPNs) because MPNs can not only unlock new potential for next-generation businesses but also provide greater control and security for on-site connectivity. 

An overview of Mobile Private Networks (MPN)

Mobile Private Network (MPN) is a dedicated mobile network operated in a limited geographical area for the benefit of a specific enterprise client – allows businesses to interconnect people and things using cellular technologies (LTE/4G or 5G). Though MPN provides an ultra-secure network solution that can serve much better than Wi-Fi, several businesses such as airports, factories, warehouses, or ports demand such secure and reliable connectivity. 

Mobile Private Network or MPN differs from a public mobile network and is subject to agreed performance and protected data flow by providing private reserved 4G/5G coverage. Some of the below-mentioned attributes that a Mobile Private Network (MPN) consists of:

  • Dedicated private/reserved coverage
  • High speed, security, and low latency
  • Cloud computing (distributed MEC)
  • Assured SLAs (service-level agreements)
  • Connection density
  • Local compute (dedicated MEC)

A private mobile network (5G/4G) provides a single layer of communication’ by processing voice, data, and video on the same signal inside a company’s perimeter. Therefore, 4g/5G private networks are useful for companies in terms of offering productive output and keeping employees safer. So, PMNs can replace more limited connectivity technologies such as TETRA or Wi-Fi. 

Private networks will progress in three distinct ways as industry experts are thinking:

  • Private networks for off-grid installations and these critical infrastructures comprise mines, offshore windmills, and more.
  • Hybrid networks combine both private and public coverage.
  • In the case of 5G with a dedicated slice for a specific location, an MNO will share its 5G spectrum with private enterprises, which results in organizations running their MNVOs walled off from the public network.

What are the benefits that enterprises get from using private mobile networks?

  • Mobile private network deployment enables enterprises to get better coverage and dedicated network capacity. 
  • Enterprises get guaranteed service quality and reliable performance because the spectrum is dedicated to the private networks’ geographical area.
  • Private networks have complete security and data privacy hence enterprises can keep their data within the enterprise premises as authorized devices/people can connect to the private network.
  • Private mobile 5G networks with edge computing enable enterprise applications involving low latency communication by processing the data where it is generated. 
  • The private mobile network provides full flexibility to enterprises so that they can move their factory devices as needed without the construction cost related to the cabled networks.


MNOs generate revenue by providing network connectivity to other telecom companies while several other enterprises are entering the race – telecom companies embrace digital adoption for better operational efficiency and customer service as 5G networks are facilitating a considerable number of digital transformations. This will help network operators to sustain or continue revenue growth in terms of applications, platforms, and services for the incremental value. As the world experiences rapid digital transformation, enterprises and businesses are deploying mobile private network 5G/4G to leverage productivity gains, which brings wins for telcos. 

To help businesses in terms of managing a stable and sturdy network, RantCell is designed and developed as a SaaS-based solution to measure the network. RantCell can help you improve your efficiency on 5G/4G mobile private network testing to provide QoE in terms of providing benefits such as offering real-time upload of network test data from your android phone device to the RantCell cloud with automated generated test reports. 


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