Play These Trending Games to Chill with Friends During This Quarantine

We’re part of a time where whether we like it or not we quarantine ourselves, stay indoors, maintain social distance, and work from home. This is the new normal like we call it. COVID 19 did come as a shock to the entire nation but let’s not talk about that for now and get ourselves into thinking about the negatives rather let’s look at the positives. Even though most of us work from home, we’ve got a lot of time on our plate to spend with our family and friends isn’t it! With everybody, from kids to young adults to adults and elderly, all are at home. There is so much quality time one gets to spend which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. But, with all this time on our hands how does one keep themselves and their near and dear is engaged with something or the other or make the most of it without getting bored? Games are one such outlet that is always a good option.

We’ve listed down a few such best indoor games to play with friends this quarantine. Where you get to spend time with your pals, have a gala time while enhancing your skill set.

Let’s look at these games…

1. Indian Rummy 

When you think of the best indoor games to play with friends, Playing Rummy game on mobile must be a part of the list. A traditional card game that can be played in person with your friends anywhere, anytime, and anyplace or can even be played online with friends or new unknown players from across the globe. All you got to do is strategize, plan, pick and discard cards to make sets and sequences to win. Like you’ll be aware, that every game or round is different and unique from the other. It can never be a repeat. So, the intensity and courtesy is always at peak.

2. Best Fiends Stars

A puzzle game but not like the ordinary puzzle games out there. It is an unique adventurous puzzle and keeps you happy throughout the game session. You can team up with your pals to win through your way. All you have to do is pave a path for yourself by matching puzzles. This creates a blast that will help clear the way for you. You can also challenge your friends to enjoy a healthy dose of competition from over 1700 explosive free puzzles. It is one of the best indoor games to play with friends as this game also rewards you from time to time. You get to collect a bunch of adorable characters. You also get to unlock explosive boosters that will come handy through each level while also entering into the Star League!

3. DE curse 

Always on the lookout for exploring and discovering new things? DE curse is for you. It gives you an option to connect to Facebook which means you can play with your friends! From playing and joining hands to collaborate on challenges to joining a clubhouse, this game lets you do it all. Retain your spot on the leaderboard by earring prizes and club points. With every new day you also have to collect balloons that will earn you those daily rewards. Just fulfill the orders and complete the tasks given to you.

4. Crucible 

If you’re into games that are action based and driven by choices, then Crucible is your calling. It is the best android game to play with friends. A multiplayer video game for all you game enthusiasts out there. Form a team with your friends and enjoy a crisp thriller where every step you take is a fight for survival, quite literally. If you want to win then you ought to survive till the end, that’s it! Several challenges will be thrown at you that you’d need to overcome. Such as, find opponents/ players in search of victory, defeating aliens and captivating objects.

5. Werewolf 

It’s no less than a party every time friends get together, and we couldn’t agree more. Werewolf is one such game for such times. You must have heard of Mafia (quite popular in the list of party games) is also known as Werewolf. To begin with, all the individuals present have to divide themselves into two teams. One that would be named ‘informed minority or werewolves’ and the second group that would be ‘uninformed majority or the villagers.’ A player from each of the teams will be assigned a role from their respective teams that they need to fulfill. Doesn’t it sound interesting and fun? It is a complete package of entertainment, mystery and a whole lot of fun. This is just a bit of what the game is all about. There’s more to it which you would have a total blast with your friends during this quarantine!

6. Psych 

Fun fact we bet you didn’t know. The game Psych was created by the very famous Ellen DeGeneres. And if we know anything about her then it is that she is funny and always talking in tongue twisters to get you to answer her questions. So is this game! It is on the similar lines of what her personality speaks. To sum it up, it is a trivia-based game but here you must try and fool your friends into believing your truth. The trivia questions are based on people who are playing together. You enter the names of the players and start the game. You get options such as true or false or pick the correct answer to give your answers for the questions. Also, it isn’t the usual kind of trivia game. At the end of it your friends and you will have a great laugh and all in all the time spent on the game will be a complete paisa vasool..!


A multiplayer online classical board game that’s best to play with friends at home. It comes in two versions, one is the Catan Classic and the other is the Catan Universe. To conclude the game in 3 words then, it is all about Trading, Building and Settling. This kind of gives a gist of what the game is and also sounds fun to play with your friends, isn’t it? You can play this literally anytime, anywhere. Bonus point is if you like to strategies then this game is worth giving a try! You also get a chance to challenge various other players online or choose to play with the AI (artificial intelligence), the choice is yours. One common issue that arises with computer Ai’s is the same boring characters, but don’t you worry as over here you’ll get to always experience a bunch of new characters.

These games will keep you engaged and hooked on for quite some times now, so don’t you worry about those boring hours to pass. Make every day of your quarantine life worth it. So, go on, call your friends and family and enjoy yourselves. A good game with some great company and fun conversations is what you can plan for now!!!

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