Reasons why you should go for Bitcoin Era

When choosing to invest in cryptocurrency, the platform you select is essential. Different trading platforms are designed to favor the specifications of different traders. Among the most effective and trustworthy online trading platforms is Bitcoin Era. The user-friendly trading platform is ideal for beginners as the bot is already customized, and the features are quite easy to use. 

Setting up a Bitcoin Era account

Sign up

The signup tab is available on the landing page; on clicking the signup button, one is redirected to a form. Some required details include full name, date of birth, physical address, email address, phone number, and identification documents. There is a facial verification step where the algorithm uses the camera to scan the face of the trader and compares it with the picture on the identification documents availed.


Once the trader passes the verification process, they receive an activation link on the email. Clicking the activation link redirects the user to the login page. At this stage, the account is ready to start trading.

Adding funds

Bitcoin Era has a minimum deposit of $250; thus, any new user is required to add at least this amount to start trading. For beginners, it is advisable to use the demo account to practice and try to understand the impact of different strategies on the outcome of the trade.

What makes Bitcoin different from other trading platforms?

Trusted brokers

Brokers play an essential role in the process of trading cryptocurrencies. In most cases, clients use brokers to evaluate the system’s security and effectiveness. Bitcoin Era vets all its brokers to enhance credibility. This allows the traders to enjoy the platform’s features while ensuring that their money is secure 24/7. The brokers provide customers with education materials and also offer customer support services.

Responsive interface

For beginners, a hideous interface could make the cryptocurrency trading platform appear complex and hideous. The interface of the Bitcoin Era is easy and precise, which makes it easy to use and navigate for both novice and advanced traders. No updates or downloads are required; all one needs is a stable internet connection and a browser.

Top-notch reliability and security

The trading bot is developed on complex protocols, enhancing the platform’s security. The cyber security team is always apt to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of the client’s funds 24/7. 

Smart Touch technology

The bot uses complex algorithms that take a few minutes to evaluate bulk amounts of data, identify signals, and select the most profitable cryptocurrency assets to invest in. The system works 24/7, which makes it an ideal source of passive income for individuals working as busy professionals. The customer service team is always available to offer guidance or answer questions.

No license fees and commissions

For most trading platforms, the trader has to pay for the bot license if they want their trades automated. The Bitcoin Era trading bot is available for all registered traders. The bot does not deduct any commission from the revenue generated, meaning the trader gets all the money they make.

Offers several cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Era allows traders to buy, sell and hold different cryptocurrencies. This increases the number of available pairs and offers one a pool of cryptocurrencies to select. The platform’s market is live 24/7, meaning one can indulge in trade during the day and night.

Frequently asked questions

How legit is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin era offers a stable and secure trading bot. The bot produces accurate that often lead to massive profits.

Do I need prior knowledge to use the bot?

No. The bot does all the trading work; thus, you do not need prior knowledge on how to use the bot or even trade.

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