Remove your personal information from Google

We recognize that sometimes you may want a way to remove content about you that you found on Google Search. In limited cases, Google may remove links to the information from Google Search.

Important: Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the web. Even if we remove content from Google Search, it may still exist on the web. This means someone might still find the content on the page that hosts it, through social media, on other search engines, or other ways. This is why you may wish to contact the site’s webmaster and ask them to remove the content. Learn how to contact a webmaster.

If the website owner has removed the information, it will eventually be removed from Google Search as part of our regular updating process. However, you can also notify us of outdated content with the Outdated Content Removal tool.Visit; Rimozione URL Google.

Personal information that Google will remove

If you are unable to have a website owner remove the content from the site, Google may remove personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms. The following articles provide details on the types of removals that are available:

  • Remove non-consensual explicit or intimate personal images from Google
  • Remove involuntary fake pornography from Google
  • Remove content about me on sites with exploitative removal practices from Google
  • Remove select financial, medical and national ID information from Google
  • Remove “doxxing” content – content exposing contact information with an intent to harm

We recommend that you review the removal article related to your request. If you believe your request meets the requirements on that article, you can make a removal request as directed in the article.

Removals Tool

Temporarily block search results from your site, or manage SafeSearch filtering

The Removals tool enables you to temporarily block pages from Google Search results on sites that you own, see a history of removal requests from both property owners and non-owners, and also to see any URLs on your site that were reported as containing adult content.

Temporarily block URLs on your site

Follow this procedure to temporarily block a URL on your site from appearing in Google Search results.

When to use this tool

  • You have a URL on a Search Console property that you own, and you need to take it off Google Search quickly. You must take additional steps to remove the URL permanently. The URL to remove can be for a web page or an image.
  • You’ve updated the page to remove sensitive content, and want Google to reflect the change in Search results.

Difference between the Removals tool and the Remove Outdated Content tool

Search Console exposes two tools for removing content from Search results:

Removals tool (this tool): The page or image still exists, and you want to remove it from Google Search results for a limited period of time (180 days), or the page or image is already removed, but still appears in Google Search result. You must own the property in Search Console to use this tool.

Remove Outdated Content tool: The page or image no longer exists on the web or has been updated, but the old result is still returned in Google Search results. A successful request will remove the image or page (if it is no longer available) or update it in Search results (if it has been changed). You do not need to own the website to use this tool.

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