Simple Techniques for Adding Storage to a Home

The size of living areas tends to decrease as real estate costs rise. Additionally, the less room we have, the more crucial it is to maximise it so we can keep everything.

The good news is that you can do all of that without being a lover of minimalism. You don’t have to get rid of the majority of your stuff in order to create a small, clutter-free house by using a few innovative storage options. If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can use a storage unit in El Segundo to store your extra belongings in a self-storage facility.

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Purchase furniture with storage spaces

You might choose furniture that offers additional storage for your living needs if you want a smaller home. Items with numerous uses will increase the amount of space available and improve the appearance of clutter in your house.

An ideal option for keeping linen, bedsheets, and towels are storage beds with drawers. Ottoman beds are a different option, but if you share a home with someone, you can have trouble getting to something if, for instance, your spouse is sleeping.

If you have the money, custom storage beds could be one of the greatest solutions for tiny apartments. These pieces of furniture are typically pricey and time-consuming to make, but if you absolutely need the extra storage, they are well worth the cost.

Another choice is a sofa with storage drawers because they have lots of room. To maximise the amount of items you can fit within and make it appear tidy and organised, you may even purchase organisers.

To keep all of your dishes, pots, and other kitchen necessities, get a kitchen aisle. Purchase lid holders to make the most of the space you have because pot lids are notoriously difficult to stack and store.

Another excellent option for storing all those magazines, books, and remote controls is a coffee table with concealed storage. A couple storage-ottoman seats scattered about may also be quite helpful.

Utilize the space up there

Another essential for adding additional space to your house is using vertical space. Going vertical will make your home more orderly and compact, whether you instal wall shelves, racks, or hooks. Remember that the more vertical space you utilise, the more horizontal room you will have.

The following are some benefits of employing this strategy:

  • Easy access to possessions; 
  • increased storage space; 
  • Ability to place items according to priority.

Take a close look at your house and make a strategy before you begin. Prior to purchasing anything, make sure to measure everything.

Here are some suggestions for vertical storage:

  • Install shelves to make the most of walls, cabinets, closets, or other awkward places;
  • place shower racks, door hangers, and hooks;
  • Use baskets and containers that are stackable or modular;
  • For open storage, attach tiny cubes or rectangular shelf units to the wall;
  • Purchase wooden containers for food that doesn’t need refrigeration, spice racks, and pantry shelves;
  • To clear up room in the kitchen, hang your pots and plants.

If you regularly garden, you are aware of the need of adequately winterizing all your tools and equipment. Make the most of the vertical space in your shed. But occasionally there isn’t enough room to keep everything. When that happens, renting extra storage space for the winter months may be quite helpful.

The sole disadvantage of vertical storage is that, occasionally, a chair or a ladder may be required to access some objects. Storing heavy goods towards the bottom rather than the top is a wise safety measure.

Utilize tight spaces and corners.

Don’t overlook unusual spaces, corners, or even nooks while trying to expand your home’s storage capacity. Making the most of your living space and giving yourself more storage is possible by placing some shelving or storage equipment.

Consider the stairwell, for instance. That unused space might readily be used as storage because it is frequently ignored.

the peculiar living room nook? You may store all your books, keepsakes, and even out-of-season goods on an ottoman or vertical storage shelf. Use the top of the shelf as well, don’t forget.

Use organisers, stacking boxes, and other storage tips.

Use different kinds of boxes, organisers, and hangers to make the most of your space.

An fantastic choice for storing your clothing or even different types of food are clear plastic storage containers that can be stacked on top of one another (and they will protect it from pests as well). Additionally, they don’t require labelling because everything will be readily apparent 

from the exterior.

Using wooden boxes and baskets for storage is another excellent idea. If you have children, apply the rotation concept instead of letting all of their toys pile up throughout the house. Only allow them to play with no more than one-third of their belongings, with the remainder being neatly stored in boxes. When kids become bored with their existing toys after a few weeks, stow them away and reintroduce some of the others.

You may maximise the use of your cabinets, pantry, closet, and dresser with the aid of organisers. It is simple to choose the greatest varieties for your particular demands because they come in a variety of sizes and forms.

Here are some of the top suggestions for conserving space:

  • For lingerie, socks, underwear, and bras, use drawer inserts;
  • Install a shower curtain caddy to keep your bathroom organised and clear of clutter;
  • Purchase mesh pockets that adhere to the wall of your bath for added organisation;
  • To store all of your cooking equipment, use stackable cutlery drawer organisers;
  • Make use of a letter tray for paper messes;
  • Excellent storage options without drilling include suction hooks and door hangers;
  • Purchase plastic containers and properly arrange your stuff inside to maximise the space in the refrigerator.
  • Put all of your cleaning materials in separate compartments using the lid of an empty shoebox;
  • If you have a little bathroom, invest in a slim rolling cart to maximise space.


In the end, you don’t require a larger home to fit all of your belongings. All you have to do is make the most of the space that is available.

So, if you’re still unsure where to place anything, just use a few of these storage suggestions. As soon as you see the change, you’ll be happy you did.


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