The Ultimate Guide To Yield farming

The Ultimate Guide To Yield farming

Earning income on cryptocurrencies is possible through a practice known as yield farming. Holders of crypto tokens can increase their earnings by using yield farming on various Defi sites. Uniswap, Aave, and Curve Financing are three of DeFi’s top yield farming procedures. A tax and portfolio tracking platform for cryptocurrencies, a crypto hard fork is both simple and effective.

What is yield farming?

As previously said, yield farming resembles depositing into a checking or savings account. Decentralized financial platforms (DeFis) are used to store and secure cryptocurrencies as part of a practice known as yield farming. You can earn interest or transaction fees by lending your cryptocurrencies (or tokens) to other people.

As a result of yield farming, the Defi industry is expected to rise from its current market valuation of $500 million to $10 billion by 2020.

How can yield farming increase profits for its users?

It’s possible to earn additional cryptocurrencies by lending or borrowing them on Defi platforms. Individuals can earn more money by moving their cryptos to other Defi services (providing better returns).

Types of yield farming:

Liquidity provider

The deposit of two coins provides trading liquidity to a DEX by its users. An exchange charges a modest fee to exchange two tokens, which goes to the liquidity providers. It is sometimes possible to pay this fee in new LP tokens.


Using a smart contract, holders of coins or tokens can lend crypto to borrowers and receive interest on the loan.


Farmers can use one token to secure a loan from another. Crops can then be grown using borrowed funds. There are advantages to this arrangement for the farmer, who retains their initial stock and may see its value rise over time.


Defi can be invested in utilizing two alternative methods. This type of blockchain-primarily uses “proof-of-stake,” in which users are compensated with interest in exchange for pledging their tokens to the network to provide security. LP tokens obtained by providing liquidity to a DEX can be staked. Users earn LP tokens as a reward for providing liquidity, which they may subsequently stake to boost their income.

What makes yield farming so popular?

Yield farming is extremely competitive with fast changes in incentives. Yield farming profits are often annualized and computed over the entire year. The annual percentage rate (also known as APR) and the annual percentage yield are the most commonly used methods for calculating returns (APY).


Yield farming includes staking, or locking up, your bitcoin in exchange for interest or more crypto. “As Bitcoin becomes more popular, yield farming will become more common.” Yield farming is risky, yet it is possible to make a lot of money. A lot can happen to your bitcoin while it is locked up, as proven by the frequent quick price swings known to occur in the crypto market. Before getting involved in yield farming, it’s important to understand how it works and all of the risks and opportunities.” Let us handle your yield farming while you focus on increasing your portfolio. Binocs will take care of it all.


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