Tips for writing a research paper step by step guide

If you are an undergraduate student, this might be new to you but the importance of research paper is undeniably the finest. Whereas the graduate students are required to write a research paper in order to complete their master’s program. But as every year goes by, the importance of research paper in your field of academics as well as on your CV is increasing. 

Even the people with not so ideal CGPA’s secure the finest of scholarships on the basis of research paper publications and their skills. That’s how important it is for us to learn and not be afraid of watching those high quality, too technical research papers. 

First things first, ask yourself before starting your research and writing that are you really willing to dedicate yourself and achieve your goal, if yes then proceed. This is an opportunity for you to change your life and even study at your dream university.

Tips for writing a research paper step by step guide

STEP BY STEP guide for writing a research paper

For your convienence, here is your step by step guide for writing a quality research paper. 

Choose a Topic

To even begin with, you need to choose a topic, which will convey the idea for your paper, there are two types of topics, first one, where you are expecting to educated your audience, which requires your prior education and knowledge in the subject, in order to be eligible of teaching others. 

The second one is, the topic which interests you and makes you passionate about it. This doesn’t need any sort of prior knowledge, as you will be researching about it in the paper. 

Research for the material 

As its name presents, writing a paper has 80% of research involved. Brainstorm your idea, jot it down, make a chart or bullet points or anything that you may find convenient and easy for you to follow about your research flow and go along with it.

While doing your research be open to all sort of informations and resources, note it all down, make a scratch to keep a check. 

Thesis Statement 

Thesis statement will in other words be a summary of your entire thesis, make sure to write an impactful one and not randomly. 

It should present your paper to be strong and informational. For example; if you are writing about civil war, this might be a perfect statement; The insistence from many Southerners that the South seceded from the Union for states’ rights versus the fact that they seceded for the purposes of continuing slavery is a harmful myth that still affects race relations today’

Outline and First Draft 

Now is an ideal time for you to create an outline and draft to work on, this will impact all of your planning so make sure to keep it organized. 

The draft is one of the essential sections in research writing, keep in mind to not rush because you can finalize your draft later, if in case you are struggling with it, platforms like; research paper help are available for you to reach out anytime. 

Introduction and Body 

While writing an introduction, be sure to not write all about your project, just give a little sneak peak and introduce it to keep them reading.

Body of a research paper will however hold all of the information and research of your paper, where the first and last 2 lines of the paragraph of body needs to be eye catching and impactful, for you to produce a high quality research paper. 

To Conclude 

Writing a research paper might seem difficult, but your passion, dedication and research skills are what needed to produce something great. Go for something you love reading about or researching about, for it will give the fine output in the end. 

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