Top 3 Ways to Store the Christmas Trees

Proper storage measures of your Christmas trees will undoubtedly help you save spaces in your home. Additionally, it will also make the artificial Christmas look good to use for the next year. Keep in mind that improper storage measures will not only damage the branches of the tress, but also makes it more vulnerable to dust, pollen, mold, and pests.  

Keep in mind that the purchasing process of the fill-size artificial Christmas tree is not minor. You need to pay a significant amount of money to purchase high-quality and attractive Christmas trees. However, if you focus on the proper storage techniques, you can reuse the artificial Christmas trees for many years while also reducing the costs per year. Therefore, you need to know the proper storage techniques to increase the longevity of the Christmas trees. Here are the top 4 great ways to store Christmas Trees. 

Vertical or Horizontal Christmas Tree Storage

Depending on the available space and the type of artificial tree, you can store the Christmas tree lying horizontally or stand upright. Horizontal storage is the easiest choice, especially for the Christmas trees that can be disassembled without any problem. However, vertical storage will help you save space. 

If you’re focusing on the upright storage of your artificial Christmas trees, make sure you place the tree somewhere where kids or pets cannot reach. Don’t forget to focus on the stability of the trees. One of the best ways to increase stability is by placing the tree in one corner of your room. As per Flower Aura, Christmas tree is the symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In a Christmas Tree Bag

The cardboard box through which the artificial Christmas tree came in is not ideal for long-time storage. As you’ll be using the Christmas tree again after a year, this type of cardboard box will be damaged over time and your Christmas tree will become vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Therefore, you need to find something that will protect the Christmas tree from pests and moisture. One of the best Christmas tree storage options is the canvas bag or Christmas tree box. If you want to store the tree vertically, you need to purchase an upright storage bag. When you store your tree in an appropriate container, you can prevent nesting rodents, funky smells, and other types of problems next season. 

Unwrapped and Wrapped Branches

It’s recommended to store the artificial Christmas tree after removing the lights, the Christmas ornaments, and other types of decorative items. Removing these items is extremely essential if you’re storing the Christmas tree inside. 

However, if you want to increase the protection factor of the Christmas trees, you can wrap the Christmas tree perfectly in plastic wrap as it will work as the second layer to protect the tree from excess moisture. This method is also extremely helpful if the branches of the artificial tree are causing problems storing the tree inside the container. The plastic wrap will help you secure the branches. You can also use self-adhesive bandages to bind the trees. However, they won’t be effective to protect your tree from moisture in a damp basement. 


These are the top 4 great ways to store your Christmas trees. Make sure you always invest in a high-quality Christmas tree bag so that you can reuse the tree for the next Christmas event. Additionally, make sure the tree is easy to assemble and disassemble. 


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