Top Bathroom Customization Ideas


While making a house, the fitting arrangement is a very tough decision . Giving your bathroom a smooth look requires a lot of effort. This blog is dedicated to making your bathroom organised along with a modern look.

There are many ways to  renovate your bathroom. Although some of these ideas will cost a little bit more than others, the end result is totally worth it. Below are the best ways to completely transform your bathroom from boring to classy.

  1. Wallpaper : Choose one or two colours for your wallpapers, then use this as an opportunity to let your personality shine through!
  2. Towel Organiser : A pretty towel bar can be a lot of fun at bath time when you have a little one playing in the tub with you. Towel hooks are often not considered that much but choosing the Hooks will enhance the look of the bathroom.
  3. Bathroom Accessories : Add some colour and beauty by adding accessories like towels baskets, shower caddies, or even hooks on top of cabinets. There are various bathroom vanity manufacturers which provide slik design for your cabinets.
  4. Accessories : Add some colour and style to your bathroom with a nice basket on the counter or shower curtain. Must Include stands for regularly used items like soap, Shampoo, and facial related products. 
  5. Paint : Paint can add a whole new look to any room, especially bathrooms. If you don’t want to do wallpaper, paint can be just as effective and inexpensive.
  6. New Bathtub : Installing a new bathtub is a great customization Idea. There are various new designs which have been launched by bathroom accessories manufacturers in india which will enhance your bathing experience and will give a modern look to your bathroom.
  7. For a Small Bathroom : You want your bathroom to feel cosy and homey so think about making it smaller with an L-shaped layout or even turning a corner.
  8. Organise : Make sure to keep your bathroom organised. Don’t let clutter build up and surround your sink. Rather, keep it clean and use it to your advantage
  9. Space Management : If space is an issue in your bathroom, try adding an inset door which lets you make more space in the bathroom and give a spacious look. If you have limited storage in your bathroom, take a look at some taller cabinets which can hold extra towels and other bathing products.
  10. Tile : Patterned wall tiles are great for bathrooms because they are easier to clean than regular tile
  11. Lights : LightIt’s often overlooked but proper light is key for any room
  12. Scents : There are many ways to freshen up your environment for the bathroom, but you can try and make it a little more cosy and beautiful by adding scented candles, potpourri, or even a few smileys here and there
  13. Baseboards : Baseboard moulding is a great way to add some interest to the wall while still keeping it clean and simple.

Mirrors : Mirrors are an amazing bathroom addition because they add so much personality.

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