Ways to get water out of your ear

You might have started experiencing as if there was water in your ear after your swimming session, or perhaps your posture during shower was such that water got into your ear. Now what to do?

Signs of there being water trapped include a tickling like sensation that goes from your ear to your throat. 

It may also cause muffled hearing, which can be a great source of discomfort. Whereas your body is well equipped to prevent this problem, thanks to the ear wax and the structure of the ear, but at times, its stays inside. 

If you are having this problem, you should not panic, but at the same time, just do not sit back. It may then fester infection, which requires the intervention of the Best ENT specialist in Karachi then. 

Here are some home remedies to help you when accosted with such a situation: 

Blow dry

An unconventional way is to use a blow-dryer. The aim of this gig is to evaporate the water present. To do this, set a safe distance between the water-ridden ear and the blow dryer. Turn it on the slowest setting. Be sure to first clean the blow-dryer so no debris from it gets inside the ear. If your device makes a lot of noise, you should increase the distance between it and the ear, lest it damages the ear further. 


Warm compress helps in relaxing the muscles and the tissues, which therefore makes it possible for the water to find a route out. 

You can easily DIY the compress by dipping a clean washcloth in warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it will otherwise burn your skin. 

Ear drops 

You can also try over-the-counter eardrops to get the water out of your ear. Most of the ear drops have alcohol in them, so aid in reducing the amount of water in the ear. 

Good old gravity

If the water is superficially present on the outside of the ear, it is likely that gravity can handle the situation. Simply, lie down on a towel with the affected ear facing down. Water may then trickle out and down your ear. 

Moving the ear lobe

A quick and easy trick is to simply move your earlobe. Firstly, we need to gather all the water at one point, for which you should lie down, with the ear containing water facing down. 

Then, start to move and jiggle the ear in all directions to coerce the water out. It helps in moving the ear, and letting the water drain out. 

However, during movement if you experience pain, it is a sign that your ear is infected already, and thus you need to visit your doctor. 

Yawn and move the jaw

Your ears are closely linked to your jaw. Movement in the latter then also affects the former. When you move your jaw, your eustachian tubes move as well.  Hence, try drawing exaggerated yawns and moving your jaw to get the water to flow outwards, 

Olive oil 

You can also use olive oil to get the water out. Warm the oil, but make sure the temperature is fine; you do not need to add burn to your troubles. Then, using a dropping or DIYing again, add the oil to your ear. Lie down for around ten minutes, and then face down, so the affected ear faces the floor. The oil and water concoction should then trickle down.

What not to do 

It is pertinent that you do not insert anything inside your ear, as it can scratch or damage the surface. Alongside the injury, there is also a risk of dislodging the wax such that it then needs to be removed by the Best ENT specialist in Lahore. Hence, do not do any experiments. If the home remedies are ineffectual, then visit your doctor.  

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