Website Template Vs Custom Website Design

If you want to grow up your website business then a lot of questions surely revolving in your mind. One of the main factors is selection and decision to go with a custom website design or website template. 

In this article, we provide you all the information about website templates and custom website design. This report will surely help you in the selection of the best template for your business. Let’s get started to discuss;

Template Website

If you move into the world of websites. You seem that a lot of website designers and owner use template website for their website theme. The reason is it’s cheap and easy to design services. Some of them provide a variety of templates that are usually free with some paid options for better results.

 Wix and Squarespace are some examples of template websites that provide free theme services to their customers. While, if you choose a paid package but template website theme then, you need to pay a very small amount. 


Pros of Template Website

If you want to use a template website then it’ll provide you few interests that are;

  • Easy to manage and set up (short development cycle). 
  • Take less budget (free and minimum budget packages are available).
  • No coding is required. 
  • Great color combinations features. 


Cons of Template Design 

If you are using a template design format for your website then you might face few difficulties due to the engaging and same-looking template with your competitors. 

  • Limited graphics are available in the template design. 
  • Some of these templates do not provide an impressive look. 
  • Difficult to rank on the internet.
  • Poor support and high compatibility issues. 


Custom Website

A custom website is usually generated from scratch. It provides a positive powerful look to your business. As there is no restriction in designing custom website layouts. So, you have a great opportunity to design your desirable website and rank your business in the industry. 

The custom website provides facilities to update your website according to the latest trends and increase your business growth. 


PROS of a Custom Web Design

Custom web design provides many benefits from which few are given below; 

  • Custom website design perfectly fits your business.
  • Help you to stand with your competitors.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Increase your business flexibility in the market.
  • Can be updated anytime (whenever you want).
  • Unlimited layouts (advanced features of graphics, color typography, theme, etc.)


CONS of a Custom Web Design

A custom web design provides a lot of quality features but it has some disadvantages too;

  • Costly (expensive than template design).
  • Time-consuming (developer needs time to build a custom web design because of its high-quality features).
  • Professional developer required (highly-skilled designer for managing codding functions).


Which things do you need to remember while selecting a website design?

If you are confused while selecting a website design then you should need to consider these few factors;

  1. Budget maintenance (choose an affordable package).
  2. Flexibility and scalability (improve and update your business).
  3. Deadline (don’t forget about time limits).
  4. Mobile-friendly features.


That’s all about the article. I hope you are happy after discussing the preference of custom design and template design website format. Also, successfully choose the perfect layout according to your budget and need. 

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