Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Inexpensive DIY Decorations

Did you know that the most important thing that creates a happily ever after kind of marriage and togetherness are understanding and communication with your partner? If you have that someone special in your life already if you both are about to tie the knot or have already tied the knot of togetherness, you are supposed to remind them how much they mean to you. Wedding anniversaries are always important relationship milestones no matter even if it is your first one or the 25th and 50th one. A special day dedicated to remembering all the best as well as hard times of togetherness can be the most expensive gift you can gift each other to grow your love. Express your love in the most personalized way this year with some do-it-yourself hacks.

We know that not everyone is good at DIY kind of stuff however, we have listed some of the amazing ideas for DIY decoration for your wedding anniversary decoration that are super easy to follow. All you have to do is give just a little bit of effort and as we all know that nothing is impossible. So, let’s directly jump into the list below and let you know what have we come up with today!

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Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Inexpensive DIY Decorations

  • DIY Congrats Banner To Celebrate the Day

Sharing everything in a love relationship with your partner is the best feeling ever so why not share the happiness of this special day. We recommend you to be extra creative with a congrats banner that you can easily create yourself. All you need is a thread, cardboard papers, colors, glitters and there you go. Cut the alphabetic cutouts with a message, stick to the thread and add a few balloons and lights to the same. You did it perfectly!

  • Create a LED Heart Shaped Balloon For the Wall

Create a perfect photo backdrop on your anniversary day celebration with a heart-shaped arch created with party balloons. Addled lights along with the balloons to make it look magical and stunning. For your wedding anniversary decoration, you can opt for red and white, red and black, gold and red, or even only a red color scheme. Try getting heart-shaped latex balloons and create a heart of them to make them look more unique.

  • Balloon Wreaths Look Great

You won’t believe that a wreath created with a balloon at home looks amazing for your anniversary decoration. Get some DIY lessons from online video tutorials. It looks gorgeous, unique, and attractive too. The wreath can be a great addition to walls. You can also add some flowers or lights along with the balloon wreaths.

  • Hanging Decorations with Streamers

Another great idea for you to add glamour to your anniversary party decoration can be with the addition of some hanging decorations. You can get balloons filled with helium and add some DIY streamers to its end. Or you can even make heart-shaped cutouts and get streamers online to attach them and hang them where ever you want. Whichever way, they are going to look great!

  • Signage with LED Lights and Artificial Plants

Nothing looks warm and heart-touching than the addition of your love-filled message to the decoration. Express your love to the love of your life with an addition of signage to the anniversary decoration. You can talk on a blank chalkboard, write some messages for your loved ones and decorate the board with flowers, addled lights, hang few balloons, and many more.

  • Table Décor for the Win

It always feels fun to add décor not only to the party space for the anniversary party decorations but also the table. Make your day more special with a lovely table decorated with a table runner, ribbons, balloons tied to the end. Add aromatic candles, rose petals to the table, and get ready for a romantic candlelight dinner together. If it’s not about only you two celebrating, you can make table arrangements similarly and add balloons to gifts on the table. You can also get a foil numerical balloon marking the year of togetherness and place it as a centerpiece on the table.

  • A Dreamy Setup with LED & Paper Lanterns

Imagine your special one enters the room and gets to see white lanterns all over the ceiling that has been illuminated with LED lights! How magical and mesmerizing that would be? To make a dream-like setup consider getting white lanterns however you can also opt for colorful lanterns if you want. It depends upon your choice. Also, add a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY banner to the wall with few balloons.

  • Cabana Romantic Setup

Let romance float in the air with a romantic cabana set up at your own house. Till now you might be seeing such cabanas on Pinterest or Insta, however, make this dream come true. As cabana is easy to set up, add some lights, rose petals, aromatic candles, balloons to the floor and celebrate your quality time together!

  • Heart-Shaped Glittery Cutouts

Nothing looks amazing than the effort made by your better half on both of your special days. A memorable anniversary decoration starts with a celebration which has all the wow factor to it. No matter even if you have been married for ages, or want the 50th-anniversary decoration done, this idea can be perfect for those looking for DIY decoration. Cut heart shapes out of cardboard paper, add some glue on the surface and cover it with glitter. The cutouts are ready! They can be hanged, placed on walls with banners and balloons too!

  • Photo LED Strip to Hang

Last but not the least, the easiest and more pocket-friendly DIY idea for your anniversary decoration is the Photo Led Strip to hang with the anniversary banner. Take an LED strip light and clip on some memorable pictures of both of your together to bring back the memories. They look great for decoration.

Just imagine how good you feel when you see your love being amazed at an amazing wedding anniversary surprise decoration dedicated for them. We believe that above mentioned DIY wedding anniversary decoration ideas can be best to opt for as they are easy and pocket-friendly too!

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